Crashed And Burned

Sorry to all i was on my own last night as yvette and kids were out at the coast, so i decided to clean the inside of my car OH DEAR i found a packet of benson and hedges with 3 cigs in i was about to crush them but for some reason i pushed in the cig lighter and lit one 3 puffs later i was on cloud nine, i did not want the feeling to go so i smoked all 3 then felt awfull all them days wasted i could not even log on here as i felt i had let the whole world down..............................................that was sunday at 20:00 i told yvette what i had done and i could tell with her face she was a bit unhappy so from this day on i will not let this happen again.....

SO day 1 is nearly at a end now i found it very hard this morning when i woke up the first thing i wanted was a smoke so it just goes to show even having one smoke will reset all your goals..........

Hope everyone understands on here

P.s sorry poppyfairy

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  • Hi there whiteboy,

    That was such a shame that you succumbed to the dreaded vonbuttend but you can only learn by your mistakes so now you have learnt that lesson, hopefully it won't happen again. I know how you feel about letting everyone down, that is punishment enough coz you feel awful. I slipped up on day 1 how pathetic is that. So don't worry, just start again and we are all right behind you. I am sure poppy will forgive you as well!

    Befly x x:D

  • Hi Whiteboy, very sorry to hear of your 'accident'.. that's what it was I think and we don't usually have the same accident twice right? So, this has increased your determination and added to your strength. Think positive and this time you'll make it. It's worth it.. Good luck and keep strong.;)

  • Hi steve,

    Good to see you are back with us, we were starting to worry about you!

    We were going to send out a search party for you!

    Befly x x

  • Hey Whiteboy, sorry about what happened but it's great that you're here again, most people when they give in to even just one cigarette are back to smoking like quitting never even happened - well it's not your case you're obviously better than that and this time you'll probably be more determined - welcome back xx

  • Well done for trying again straight away,it shows how strong you really are.I am sure with that determination you will quit for good this time

  • Thanks all this time i will not let anyone down.

    Looking forward to posting in day 2 x

  • Hey why have you gone back to day 1 again!!!

    I can't work this out you know. If you had bought 20 cigs and smoked them then fine that was a real conscious decision but you found three Whitey. I want to kick your bum back up to Day 12 but it is your decision. We all blip - I've blipped in the last 11 days - I played a game of having a couple of cigs and just smoking them a bit at a time but clean totally now. (but totally feeling desperate at times - it is just like contractions in child birth I swear).

    Whatever you decide to do I will always support you and keep my eye on you - cos you can do this you really can. Have a good evening out/in with Yvette and try not to think about it. Or failing that stick on some good tunes I find it works wonders.

    I still think you should be at Day 12!!!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!!! (I don't know where you get your rules from)

    Now have a great evening lovely. Please go back to Day 12 cos I think you will find it easier to carry on - if you blip again then think again. But nobody else has gone back to day 1 as far as I no. It's all about attitude that's what we said before. Right??

    Biiiiig Huggs for Whitey


    1 day behind but always watching your back

  • There is no rules but to me if you have 1 smoke you might as well start again, as the idea is to be smoke free.

  • Hi Whiteboy,

    At least you got back in the saddle straight away, unlike me. I joined the forum around the same time as your self (Early June), I stopped for 21 days on the 10th June, and crash and burned early July. However unlike you it took me nearly 7 weeks to get back into the driving seat again, and as many of the members will tell you my attitude has been quit poor this time around (Surprised I've even survived two days now).

    I know how you feel, if I now found some tobacco lying around I'd be lighting up in less than 10 seconds :eek: I am so weak...

    Hang in there, you can do it... :D

  • Hello White boy

    You're not the only one to crash this week....I know exactly how you feel about not wanting to log on here and feeling you'd let people down.....but you're here, you're back and trying again. It's up to you whether you go back to day 1 or not. Stay strong and get a strategy for the next time you find a stray cig.

  • Hello White boy

    You're not the only one to crash this week....I know exactly how you feel about not wanting to log on here and feeling you'd let people down.....but you're here, you're back and trying again. It's up to you whether you go back to day 1 or not. Stay strong and get a strategy for the next time you find a stray cig.

    Thanks for that but to me if you have a few fags you have to start from day 1 again this time i will do it :)

  • Dear Whiteboy

    What I would say personally is this, within my experience of smoking quitting syndrome. It is all about the attitude. There is no way on this planet that I would put myself at day 1 for having a couple of cigerettes, it would be too depressing. I think you need to look at it like a journey - and that's to both you guys - yes you Gav. I think you are too hard on yourselves. It's like a doctor saying you are intollerant to a certain food (and you really shouldn't eat it again for the good of your health) - say chocolate - it is certianly not going to happen straight away there will be blips. But it is a journey - I'm on a journey and yes I had blips right up to day 8 but I'm still here and compared to where I was it is a million times better. So Whitey up to you lovely - Day 2 or Day 13 - I know which one I would go for. Same to you Gav. Don't give yourselves such a hard time - nothing runs smoothly it's just the way it is. I am desperate for a smoke at the moment and in some ways it is totally crippling my insides but I am getting stronger each day - but I wouldn't be if I had to keep going back to day 1.

    Anyway said my bit - your choice geezers but be kind to yourselves. We really want you to succeed so don't make life so hard for yourselves.

    Biiig Huugs


  • I know what you or saying but to me i have to be smoke free every day to move on to the next day everyone will have there own ideas but to me if you have a smoke you have failed and need to set new goals so i will be in day 2 in the morning :cool:

  • Ok Whiteboy - right behind you if that's your decision. Just get yourself all geared up now and make this the time that you do it


    You're going to be watching my back now - but I'll be walking backwards checking on you!!

    Good Luck and I really mean it.



  • Thanks for that and i am glad you understand :) xxxx

  • Ohhhh I am so sorry that the Nic Demon got to you! :( got up, shook him off and got back on track - GREAT GOING!! I agree with your opinion about starting back at day one for a 'blip'. It is terrible that we think that we should go back to day 1, but really if we let ourselves stay where we are we may as well stop counting days because they begin to mean nothing. A day counted should be a smoke free day! Sorry Poppy - just MY opinion. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to an opinion so we are all correct in our thoughts of how we count the days. But I am sure we all share the same opinion about WhiteBoy's STRENGTH!!! Good job, you can do it! :D

  • Whiteboy, feel for you as I again have crashed and burned over the weekend, hubby and son as well, but not going back to day one, just keeping my head up and saying not going to smoke, it sometimes takes us several attempts to finally give up the old demon nic, but we will SUCCEED. Good luck, keep on going and if you feel you have to go from day one, then so be it, keep strong.


    xxxxx Pupalup xxxx

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