Ebt girl - day seven - computer crashed

All I am now on day 7 , have not been able to post as my computer crashed and i have only just got it sorted out . Anyway here I am on day 7 and doing great. Its been a lot easier this time, okay there have been a few moments but i have been more than prepared for them !!!

Feeling really pleased with myself and up beat ...




NOTE : Scooter loves it when his mum stops smoking he knows it means loads and loads of walks !!!!

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  • Hiya EBTG,

    I am glad to see you are still with us:), Well done you are doing great, stick with it, it really is worth it.


  • Well done EBT girl !!! :D

    I know you have found it tough in the past and thats all the more reason to never put yourself in the position of having to repeat the 1st few days.

    Really pleased to see you counting in weeks now and before you know it you'll be into the months and a forum oldie :eek:

    Stay strong!


  • YEAH!!! Nice going Ms EBT :D There comes that time with all of us when we feel strong enough, convinced enough, and done with it that the quit becomes 'THE' quit...... nothing magical happens right away.... days drag by and it takes effort to stay positive...... but each day you move forward gets you closer to THAT day where you realize you are okay now..... maybe not super exited, party, go crazy..... but okay!! Glad you are counting in weeks! Months soon! XOXOX

  • Hello again, wondered where you had gone to. Congratulations on your 7 days that's a whole week.

    I wish you many more smoke free weeks.


  • Congratulations :) Well done!

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