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How often do you think about 'avin a fag'


This sounds strange but i rarely think about it. In all honesty i can say i don't even miss it AT ALL. It's almost as if my memory has been wiped!

I'm 14? weeks now, i'd say it took a good 10 weeks to fully get over it. How fabbo.

Now & then i smell smoke on people & think 'oh yeah i used to smell like that' but cravings do not exist in my world and quitting was the best thing ever, so glad i quit.

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Today for me a lot ..yesterday a lot ...tomorrow who knows maybe once or twice .......& im over 18 weeks into quit ..Depends i think you never fully recover & get over it...just time helps to get used to it

well done on 14 weeks angel :) btw

I'm a bit like kitkat at the moment. I'm nearly 17 weeks done, keep hoping it will get easier.

Really pleased for you though Fallen Angel.:)

I still think about it now and again...but I don't think quite as much as I used to in the early days....and I'm now 3 months quit :)

I think it must be getting easier for me..still having the cravings but maybe not so often, and like you I see people smoking and also think "I used to do that"....even resisted joining some friends for one on Friday night!

* a glimmer of hope *

Just read your posts, so let me just reassure you from my own experience.

You do stop focusing on the thoughts of smoking.. and the smoking life you've left behind.. my 4th month in particular was particularly difficult for me.. i had many thoughts still of smoking, but after this and in the 5th > 6th month's, a shroud lifted from me and my quit and i gained so much more confidence in my quit once things seemed that much easier.

Things do improve, and you do suddenly reach a point where you start living a normal life without constantly thinking of the 'old habit'.

Hang in there.


I agree with Jase eventually the thoughts diminish and at the moment the odd thought about every other day but they are still there and I consider myself luck to get no more than one a day and think it will be a while till I dont think of them ever if ever, must be nice to not think about them ever at all I envy you, but if I didnt think about them I might worry that I would become complacent so I will have the odd whisper and know I want smoke again, I HOPE but never say never.

Yep I agree with Jase and Jamangie. I am heading towards 6 months (obsessed with getting there lol) and apart from when really tippled I rarely think about them. To be honest I was so ready to quit that whilst i have had some really bad physical cravings and found the quit hard in lots of ways, I've not really missed the cigarettes themselves. I know i am lucky compared to most with that.

I have found the past two weeks a real turning point and am starting to feel like a non-smoker.

Congrats on your 14 weeks, thats brilliant but stay vigilant! It can catch you when you least expect it (in my case when drunk as you will see from my recent posts). I don't mean to be negative but its worth keeping a beady eye on things......


I Never ever think about having a fag and i know i will never have one not even a puff of one .......... sorry if it sounds arrogant i just dont..................not done since the very early weeks of my quit.:)

jase & debs ..i so hope so..feeling better already .me needs a turning point ..:D

Don't think about smoking any more. Sometimes when I see people smoke or smell people who have been it reminds me of how it used to be and how pleased I am to be out of it, but I never think of it in a good or wanting sort of way.

Lorraine :)

I cannot stress enough how much this thread means to me .

have reread it about a dozen times

hope and true inspiration :D:D

ta folks x

I Never ever think about having a fag and i know i will never have one not even a puff of one .......... sorry if it sounds arrogant i just dont..................not done since the very early weeks of my quit.:)

I was just thinking god i must sound so arrogant and then i read your reply and felt quite relieved actually. Like you i seriously have no desire to smoke ever again in my life, i don't hate it, i don't miss it and being honest i don't (and this is the spooky bit) even seem to SEE people do it! i can be sat in my back garden chilling out and a friend pops around for a cuppa, she smokes, i smell the smoke but i don't seem to see the fag go in her mouth :confused: i can' explain it, it's very strange. I have even picked up her stubbed out butt to dispose of. It really is such history for me and i was a heavy smoker indeed :eek: i'm loving my new health and extra energy i just love it and will do anything to encourage others to give up.

Thanks Debmcfly and no worries there because i don't drink either, gosh aren't i good these days. lol.

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