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No Smoking Day
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What to expect

Meercat has been going through some bad cravings recently - so went out on the net to look for some tips.

This web site - which *I admit* is offering something for sale - but then everything we say about Champix is advertising it - has some really useful info on what's going on when we give up. Importantly, it gives some useful info regarding what to expect on days 5 to 7 if you go cold turkey - and what to expect on days 5 - 7 if you go the NRT route.

Also, it's a bit amusing in places and it has some concepts that are not detailed anywhere else.


It's free to read the web site - and if it adds power to your resolve - then it's only for the good. If however, you object to the advertisment at the bottom - please accept my apologies...!!!!

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Hello meercat x x

was thinking about you this morning,

glad your still hanging on in there!

Stay strong x x

~Buffy x x


Interesting and true.Each must use the method best for them,I am on champix and that will extend the withdrawal process same as nrt.I will come off it soon .The more ways to quit the better,some people would not even try to quit without nrt .


how sweet smoke smells

We packed in for six months last year, giving up again now. Has anyone noticed how sweet smoke smells when you come outside of shop or pubs. just wish they would have nice scented areas to cover up the smell. Well i was to weak to resist after one bad day shopping, i went back in the shop bought ten cigs just for one, well that was it back to smoking. :eek:


Web reference

Thanks for that reference-as you say, its got some stuff that haven't seen anywhere else-and I've read huge amount of stuff on net!!

Plan to quit 12th March - :eek: - even typing it scares me to death!! Smoked for 30 yrs, tried quitting a million times with all methods known to man, never got past day 3:(!!

Wish me luck!!


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