What is the fuss about!

I've been looking at the post Ignored FMs and I really don't know what the fuss is all about. I have posted threads had no replies but plenty of people have looked and hopefully found it helpful. I have found this forum a fantastic source of encouragement and support, it is good to have your say weather good or bad. Getting replies from what you have posted is a bonus and some people can feel a bit awkward about replying at first until they get used to the forum. The people on this forum have been nothing but kind, helpful encouraging, supportive even humorous. The forum and the people on it have helped me get through some bad times and celebrated the good times. I think maybe some of us can be a bit paranoid at times or when we are having a few bad days. We are all in the same boat and we all need a shoulder to lean on at some time or another, it is not always rosie in the garden it can be a bit like todays weather grey dull miserable and wet.

I have told a lot of my friends about this forum so they can tell people they know who are quitting or about to quit smoking. I also told them they would get a warm welcome and encouragement I just wanted to post a positive thread. I feel better for getting that out in the open there is a lot to :) about on this forum.



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  • Aww well done DD you're a sweety :D. I hope I didn't upset anyone with my post but I think most of you know me for being a bit of a minx but in a good way, well I hope so anyway xx.

  • I agree Dolly with everything you say. I have had a look on other sites but non match up to this one for support. Its not about how many replies you get but what you learn on the way. If you were to post a thread for help and it was ignored then I can understand being upset, but I have not yet seen that happen.

    I for one feel blessed to have found this site. :)

  • I second that Dolly and Yvette xxxx (but some of it did make me chuckle)

  • exactly trendy......look at my help thread and all the fab support I got

  • Thanks all,

    I think that things are getting out of hand now on Ignored FMs. It is like a children's playground and I think that it will put newbies off joining which is such a shame.

    I think someone had a bee in their bonnet and has got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

    It does sound like they are having a tantrum because they got no replies to a thread that in it's self is childish and now it is getting personal.

    Well there are better things to talk about. Hope you guys are doing well with your quit and today has been a good day.




  • Hi All :D

    Dolly that is a wonderful post well done and very true, this is a great forum certainly the best I've seen by far

    I agree with all the comments made by you all the FM post has got childish now and very personal

    I just had a look to see what .......had to say and was shocked by the tone


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Dolly

    I agree, thankfully all is back to normal. My understanding of group help is that we give out our understanding and share our story which in turn helps someone, and this helps us to heal and feel good about ourselves. The replies are a welcome, added bonus and I love them too.

    Sorry it was dull for you today we had a nice sunny day.

    Best wishes with your quit.


  • Hi Jackie,

    Thanks I have noticed that the thread has been closed by the mods so hopefully it will all be back to normal as you said. Glad you had a nice sunny day hopefully the sunny weather will be back here soon.




  • Hi Jackieinv,

    Just noticed you're from Inverness..been so busy reading that ridiculous thread and putting my tuppance worth in......anyhoo so am I wooo hooo, wonder if there's anyone else from sunny Invershneckie

  • No haven't noticed any others just you and me Kate but its quite nice knowing there is someone in my area doing the same stuff as me. We will give the Highlands a good name being smoke-free.

    Look forward to your posts.


  • I used to work in Ardross, I'm from Glasgow originally but living in London now.

  • well we won't hold that against you Yvette....;)

  • Morning all,

    Thanks for the support last night and now we can get back to the happy forum that we are. Supporting everyone and making our stopping smoking less stressful.

    Happy smoke free Monday to all

    big hugs for everyone




  • Morning Dolly :D

    Hope you feel bright and chirpy this morning after last night and what a night it was eh

    As you say lets get on with the job we do best helping and supporting each other through the good and the bad days


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • I am a bit sorry I missed all the drama! I only managed to cram one reply in on the ignored then missed all the upset, you guys did make me smile! I love this forum and all who sail within it! 5 months for me today and I would have not done it without such terrific support. xx

  • Hi Fiona :D

    Great well done you 5 months today is wonderful



    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Fiona,


    5 months today that is brilliant very well done, a gold star for you.




  • thankyou girlies! I do not feel worthy of more than one reply as I am only an occasional poster now so I count myself extra lucky that I am not being ignored.....;) I am now on a weight loss quit. Thats been harder than quitting smoking! Too many mars bars winking at me!!

    To continue on this thread topic, I have noticed a couple of quitters I know quite well are either side of me in the country. One in northampton and one in nottingham. I sort of like the idea of meeting up with people in my area but worry it may be not the 'done thing' on a forum!! (this is my first ever forum membership!)

  • Congratulations Fiona, I wish you many more.

    Jackie xx

  • Congrates Fi you have done brilliant I cant wait till I am at your point in the quit. :D

  • Well done Fiona on reaching your fifth month smoke free. David

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