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the reason why

First, some of the stories I've read on here are heartrending, mine by comparison is very mundane but if one person reads it and something clicks in their head then it's worth it...

Me: 57, 6'1, 84kilos, senior position in private education, 2 kids, 2 3rd wife, 20 yrs younger, 3rd time lucky, musician, biker and ex wind-surfer.

Started sm**ing at the age of 14 because everyone else did. Could swim long distances underwater and had great lung capacity - always have to take 2 xrays because my lungs are so big. Always said, when I can't do an Olympic length underwater, I'd stop. Hah hah.

Diagnosed with asthma in 1989 while living abroad - healthy lifestyle apart from the fags.

Tried to stop so many times with various techniques - Alan Carr clinic results lasted 17hrs at which point I found myself digging about in the car ashtray for a dogend. Now that's desperation.

Hypnotherapy lasted all of 2 minutes. Acupuncture: found myself sm**ing more, not less. And so on. So I was aware that I ought to stop but I think I was expecting someone else to do the work for me.

Slowly began to notice that my breathing was getting worse, increased asthma meds and got a vague warning from the Doc about COPD. "Blah Blah Blah" I thought and had another fag.

18 months ago returned from China and got pneumonia and pleurisy - was rather proud of the fact that I sm**ed my way through that. Time to grow up.

4 weeks ago was coughing up blood, Doc thought maybe TB picked up in Brazil but xrays showed COPD.

OK, my grandkids came down for the day - 2 beautiful little girls, 6 and 2. the 6 yr old sitting next to me says "Grandaddy, what's that for?" indicating my fag. So now I have to try to explain what it is, why I'm doing it and why it's really not a good idea. Wake up time.

So I'm a Champix chomper, doing what I have to to ensure that a) my wife still has a partner when she's 40 b) I can see my kids grow into healthy middle age c) I can watch my grandkids take their first steps into adulthood.

Sorry that's rather long but reading others has helped me so, who knows...

Great site, made great by the people on it. Thanks.

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Hi Steve

Lovely post grandkids are great for making us grow up. Very good luck on your quit I have heard a lot of good things about champix so your on the right road keep strong Linda xx



Yes this is deffo your quit time!! :p

How on earth you smoked through pnuemonia and pluerisy I have no idea!! :eek:

Not a clever thing to do however, it must of been difficult :D

Well done on your quit in time x x x ~Buffy x x x


Deal done Boudee. :)

Re carrying on through respiratory illness - I know, looking back was I completely mad? Don't answer that you at the back...

It shames me now but I was so totally reliant that I had built some sort of Excuse Machine into which went all the context and out from which popped all the Absurd Reasons Why it was OK. Duh.:mad:

I also recognise that I'm not out of the woods just yet.. determined, yes but safe, not quite yet. Got a long way to go but with your help...;)


Hi steve and welcome,:) :)

It sounds as if you need to quit this time and for good!

My doctor told me that the body at some point will come to a stage when it can't repair itself anymore and whatever damage you do to it will then become irrapairable. I have asthma and at 43 and 40 cigs a day for 32 years I am suprised I can still breathe.

You know you have to do it this time and I have found champix is the best thing I have used, you want to be there for your grandchildren and your children.

This forum is full of support and great advice if you need it so keep thinking positive and keep posting and you will do it!

Please excuse any spelling mistakes as I don't have spell check! I don't want you to give me 500 lines for bad spellings!

Good luck,

Befly x x :D :D


Hi Befly

spelling? schpelling. lines? schlines.

Irrepairable, yes but at least we have it in our power to do no more damage and that's good news I think.:cool:

smoking? schmoking.:eek:


Irreparable, yes but at least we have it in our power to do no more damage and that's good news I think.

I am sure that I am not alone in wishing lost ones had taken this attitude. Your a star and an inspiration to a great many people Steve, thank you for being here with us.

x x x ~Buffy x x x


thanks Buffy - don't feel very inspirational, rather that I have to keep a firm hold on what I'm trying to do and that 'talking' and 'listening' to others is a way of telling myself stuff... But maybe that's what we all do here to some extent so we're sharing thoughts and feelings in the true sense. Mmm.


Exactly! and because we are all very different people with very different reasons, methods and stories! many others come by and find an example of themselves.

Hence you are an inspiration

A tough few days at the mo, not for long and it will be so very worth while

x x x ~Buffy x x x


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