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Day 46

Hello everyone

I am back after my weeks holiday, i hope everyone is still smokefree.

I have had a nice week off just did day trips with daughter spending my money, had a day in Street and Bristol shopping then took daughter and friend to see the new harry potter film i was a bit disapointed with the film.

my daughter then buggered off to cornwall with her friend for a week so i had a couple of days chilling out. I was worried that being out and about i might be tempted to smoke but i was fine and didnt think about smoking, i even went for a walk down the c**** to the pub and had a drink sat outside in the garden with all the smelly smokers and it didnt bother me at all, pangs and cravings are almost none existent now.

So monday morning back to work boo, got up at 5 for the gym and had a good workout. I was looking forward to work so i could get on to this forum and talk to my friends who have been so supportive and helpful during my smokefree days. Got appt with docs to get my 3rd month supply of Champix

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HI Shell

so glad you had lovely smoke free holiday. Your doing really well bet daughter is really proud and happly spending the money your saving hehe.

Keep up the good work your doing fab Linda xx


Hello Lindaspicer & Boudee nice to hear from you and glad to see your still smokefree

In my post for some reason the word is c**** i dont know why its been starred out


Its done it again starred out the word for some reason its where you find narrowboats


Way to go Shell glad to see your still nic free. 2 weeks from today we have two full months in........WOW


Boudee yes correct well done

Smokeless how are you doing still smokefree soon be month3, you quit 2 hrs before me. for me this time the Champix and this forum have really helped me get through, i feel as though i can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

the pangs are getting fewer and fewer yesterday i only thought about smoking once,

Stay strong and Smokefree


Yes I'm doing great too and I owe a lot to the people in here. Just reading everyone elses stories make the difference. This is the first time I ever made it past a week and I so don't miss spending the money on smokes. I'm doing this through hypnosis and for me it really knocked that edge off of it. I guess we all quit under different methods and the main thing is we've quit.

Stay strong



Well done for staying smoke free, it seems to get easier as time goes by don't it?



Glad you enjoyed you holiday Andy x x good to have a break!

Well done for staying strong even in the pub garden!! I live by the c.a.n.a.l too, wonder how long it would take me to walk along it to you (if its the same one >_<) :D hehehe

Thanks for dropping by Joe x x x It is great to hear you are still going, so strong too!! Glad you found support here :)

Keep it up guys x x ~Buffy x x




i live right next to the Kennet and Avon c.a.n.a.l it would take ages to walk to you but it would be quicker than by narrowboat. Mind it would be good exercise i might loose some weight.

How are u coping after such a dreadful weekend sorry to hear about your problems but glad to hear that you are not going to smoke yeah


Shell, I live next to Kennet and Avon C.a.n.a.l as well, up past the Caen Hill locks. cant understand why it keeps blocking out c****, word above.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx



which side of caen hill locks do you live Devizes or Melksham side



xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


Hmmmmm wonder why the BB administrator doesn't like the word c****

Perhaps he's a bit... let me c....****?



Hi LeeM and welcome to our forum,

You have done so well to be on day 46 or 47 now! Lets hope you can persuade you girlfriend to give up soon.

Keep up the good work,

Befly x x:D :D


LeeM, welcome, keep posting, lovely bunch of people here, lots of tips and great fun. Stay strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


Welcome to the forum Lee!!!!

Well Done on 46 days under your belt already too :eek:

Stay strong and keep posting x x ~Buffy x x


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