46 days xx xx

46 days into my quit.......GOING good for a beginner;).........had the odd day this week of wanting........just moments & reminders that hey i dont smoke now...did miss it last nite i must admit..alcohol in the house!!! didnt mix too well ..i visioned myself quite strongly sparking up in the garden... its was messing with my mojo lol.........i was ok on nite out earlier in quit..so i sort of expected the same high!! wasnt to be..maybe the hot bands took my mind off it last time lol.....laughing now though ........I know it will just take time & that is why im here for the duration..........One day i want to be able to conquer everything without giving smoking a 2nd thought or a 2nd chance ......That is my masterplan ....MY ikkle quit is for keep xxxx you can quote me on that xx:)

The higher the climb the bigger the fall...the difference being my fall wont happen..not this time xxx xxx:D

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  • so pleased to log on tonight and see this post kitkat. your doing great. nearly at the big five ohhhh!

    you sound happy too which is awesome :D

  • hi babe awh glad u did log on xx .yeah me happier then previous quits ..feels different xx almost 50 party time xx :D hows u doing chrissie was asking about u too? xx

  • hey kitkat,

    doing just great thanks. Went to my grans 80th birthday this weekend and loads of my family couldnt believe the new improved me! nice to have the validation sometimes as you can forget just how much an achievement it is sometimes. :)

    there seems way more spring in your step with this quit, what do you recon is different for you this time round?

    whats the plans for the 50th bash then? do I need to brush up on some party tricks?! :D

  • Hi babe ..so proud of you xxx sounds like youve beat all ure demons xx well in xx

    this quit i dont know i got stuck in a depressed if i smoke & depressed if i dont .. then i listened to the paul mckenna tape about 3 times ..like a last desperation bid thing..then one morning after smoking my head off..i thought f..k it & put a patch on after lunchtime ..to this day xxxxxxxxxI do have bad days & good ..but i know if i smoked i would be back in depressions & planning my next quit as soon as id sparked up..dont know if that makes sense but i think of that when i get a want moment? XX

    Party is rock night lol xx chrissie is organising its on thursday :D any tricks will be brilliantx xxx scruffy dress only..smarts out lol xx

  • sounds like mckenna done the trick! good work kitkat, thats brillant. super pleased for you girl! :D

    rock - nice! i'm thinking some waynes world type action - "partytime, excellent!" :D


  • Well done KitKat 46 days is great



  • Well done kitkat. I've been the same some days, wanting but not actually craving a cigarette.:confused:

    Keep up the good work, I'm hot on your heels.:D

  • Bman..yeah waynes world will be just fine for partytime lol xxx...xx

    marg thanks xx doing good xx 47 now xx

    Thanks wendy ann.. lol I can feel you heat on my feet:D my shoe nearly flipped off lol haha xx ure catching me rite up,,,well done you too xxxx

  • KitKat..........a cool 47 days :cool:

    Am so pleased for you, I really am.

    Gaynor xx

  • Thanks chrissie xxx xxxxx the votes have been counted n you are the new party organiser xxx:eek::D

  • KitKat..........a cool 47 days :cool:

    Am so pleased for you, I really am.

    Gaynor xx

    thanks you too gaynor my mate xxx i ditto you xxxxxxxx:)

  • thanks you too gaynor my mate xxx i ditto you xxxxxxxx:)

    ooooooooooo, don't think I have ever been ditto'd before ;)

    Glad I don't smoke anymore, is pouring with rain here. Dry days only for us quitters for ever & ever :D

    Gaynor x

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