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Day 46 and struggling


I know that at this stage some days will still try us, but for crying out loud...

I have been doing so well and feeling really positive, but have had a really hard time this evening - don't worry, I shan't be nipping off to the shop...that ship has well and truly sailed, but the strength of the cravings tonight have been so disheartening.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day, onwards and upwards and all that!

Hope everyone is well :)

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Its funny how those days can just pop up , just out of the blue when wer'e unprepared, i call them velvet glove cravings, subtle and seductive. Ding Dong the witch isnt quite dead yet.When large blocks of time stand between cravings we get out of the habit of resisting them but craves are craves no matter what hat they are wearing.knock it out of the way keep on with your quit stay awake cos another may come along ,or not. its not over till the fat lady sings. You must be feeling proud for reaching six weeks .make sure to reward yourself.

That ship has definately sailed, just remember where it was going and that it had no lifeboats!

Mash x:cool:


Hey DM hang on in there, I know what you mean. I get the odd tough day, right out of the blue:eek:



Thanks you two! It's funny how they just pop up when you're not expecting them.

No lifeboats indeed...I will stay strong :)



Think about the feeling DM, is it a crave or is it a want?

I think that the cravings have stopped for me, I think what I am feeling now is the wants..........that part of smoking that is the habit.

I want a ciggie now because I would have had one before

What do you mean I cant have one

No I do want one, and so on and so on.

I believe that this part of the stop is just as tough as the craves. We have smoked for so long and it has been ingrained into us that deeply that when the wants hit it hurts just as much as any crave.

The only way that I have been able to get through the wants is to just tough it out and argue with myself about the pro's and cons if I have one.

It does get easier as others have said, but every now and again those bllasted wants raise their ugly heads. do what you did with the craves and tell them where to go.

Keep on going you are doing brilliantly and we are all here to support you, whether it be a crave or a want.

Lillie xxx


40s Suck

I'm with you. For some reason, I struggled around day 43-49 at least. Day 50 today and a bit easier. Damn 40s.

Hang in there, we are in this all together.


H a l t

You might find this helpful when you get craves or wants. when they pop up you need to say H A L T. which stands for hungry angry lonley tired. and if any of these apply then that is the reason for the crave or smoking thoughts, and so that is what you have to address.. hungry could mean hungry for anything, food or even a cuddle , thirst for water. Angry can also show itself as irritability, jealousy blah blah blah or tantrums or poor me, seeing your quit as sacrifice.. lonely speaks for itself and could even include not being listened to . as does tired which could include bored. all of these can overlap and occur simultaneously and not always be obvious....If you look back at your smoking history i bet you and i dealt with those things by smoking. i never used to eat, i would smoke instead and certainly when i was pissed about something. jealousy would always find me hidden in a cloud of smoke, fuming l o l:D.. lonely :(, well i never got lonely ,my best friend was always there for me, :). tiredness i never had time for that or relaxing and switching off.

nowadays the HALT thing just pops into my head whenever im thinking of smoking and i end up having a glass of water and suddenly realizing i was thirsty[ smoking destroys your instincts] or i,ll eat someting or sort my anger out.

anyway after all this writing and thinking im tired and going for a lie down.

Mash x


Mash, the HALT bit makes sense for me, I have been on a diet since August lost 2 stone,packed in smoking in November. What I have noticed is that when I am hungry the nico cravings are worse, my body could be mixing up the signals. Will try to eat more regular.




HALT is a brilliant tool to use. Its now going into my *to be used when needed box*

Thank You

Lillie xxxxxx


You guys are fab - thanks for your support!

Lillie...great post! I agree and thinking about it, they are now wants and I will indeed tell them where to go!

Mash, I had read about HALT right at the beginning of my quit and forgot about it so thanks for bringing it back for me. Like Lillie, I will now add it to my 'to be used when needed box'!

Teleguy - I'm day 50 on Saturday so will look forward to then :)

Cheers ;)


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