Day 4


Made it to day 4 without having a ciggy which I am really pleased at! I seem to be trying to reason with myself a lot though. Along the lines of "well if I only have one puff I will still be quit" but I know from experience one puff always leads me back to smoking so I can't bring myself to do it!

Feel quite spaced out at the minute as well, feels like I have forgotten something all the time! Its just a small nagging feeling but it is making me a bit edgy! LOL!

Anyway, back off to Liverpool to nose around so it should take my mind off it for a while!

Christof. :cool:

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  • Hey hey,

    Day 5 is well on its way and I feel ok. Seems that the cravings are getting stronger, but I am still determined!

    Was pleased with myself yesterday. My friend and I were driving home yesterday when he lost control and crashed (neither of us were hurt, only the car!) So, usually that would be the point that I would light up a cigarette and relax! But instead I just didn't need one. In fact I never even thought about it once. I was really pleased with myself! Now I know I can cope in stressful situations without the need for Mr. Nic!

    Christof. :cool:

  • Christof glad you are okay and going strong, you can replace a car but not a body. Stay strong.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

  • Hi Christof,

    Would having a cig have mended the car? You would be have been in exactly the same situation but pissed off with yourself. your doing great! (i had the same situation around the same time!)


  • Morning,

    Thanks for the encouragement people. It is the thing that has really made such a difference quitting this time!

    Car wasn't too bad, my mate only had to get wheels and a bit of the underside sorted but I agree wholeheartedly with Pupalup that you can't replace a body!

    Went to the pub last night (and I feel really rough today for it!) But never even once wanted a ciggy while I was there! I was quite suprised how easy it was! The trouble only started when I got home, probably the worst cravings I have had so far, but I just focussed on what I want and refused to give in! Hopefully I can keep a positive attitude and stay strong!

    Christof. :cool:

  • Boudee is right, think of the how in the future you will be able to do these things and you wont even think of smoking, it will be a distannt memory.

    Stay strong, charlene

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