No Smoking Day

Still here! :)

Ello all! :)

Managed last weekend to get totally ugly drunk twice and not touch a ciggie woooo! (actually on week 4 , but there isnt a sub category for it? :confused: )

Anyhoo, i doubt i'll ever smoke again...tho things seem to be getting harder. I've been using NRT to stop, the microtabs but the 1st 3 weeks i only ever took between 1-3 a day and it was mostly late at night 7pm+ i took them but now im becoming that i feel i need to take them more, maybe 4 a day....ugh! they taste so vile and i dont actualyl feel much difference when i take one except it gets my mind off a ciggie and makes me focus purely on a vile taste! :) I miss the 1st week too the past 2 1/2 have been more tired and sluggish, like a snail race just waiting to see more positive effects my quitting has upon me, the 1st week i quit was GREAT....was constantly hyper, couldnt sit still and woke up everyday not onje bit i wake up and im knackered lol!

Anyways, keep strong folks! chow! x

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Hi Cammey like you I am on week 4, no place for that so am posting here and other places, its great to talk to others, my mind really made up at weekend, I will not smoke again, do not like the smell on other people or my clothes, went to a club and when got home where furnishings haven't been cleaned can still smell it in my clothes, straight into washing machine, lovely and clean now. Good luck stay strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


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