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No Smoking Day
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I'm still here... Hangin in there

I haven't left. I have coffee with you all every morning :). When I get into work, I read your posts (you guys are at lunch) 5 Hour Difference from Florida. I have been so out of sorts and was in such a bad frame of mind the last week, I sounded so negative to even myself, I took a break from posting. But I am feeling better now. Day 28 :D

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Nice to see your still with us Jubilee and glad to you're feeling better :)

You came back just in time. I am heading to Florida next week to do some fishing with friends and was going to ask you to turn up the heat a little down there. We like it warm and sunny when we visit.



Quitting "twins"

Hi Jubilee

We quit about the same time ( Jan 19 for me ). Congratulations for not having a cigarette :D

I think that now, when people ask us how long ago we stopped smoking we can say ( not quickly; you need to ponder for a couple of seconds for affect ) "Oh about a month". I intend to say it in a nonchalant manner to appear sophisticated!! (they don't need to know about the bucket of ice cream I ate on Monday).


Yeah Nonico, 28 days for me too. Jan 19th.

LOL. I ate a whole chocolate cake in two days last week.;)

Yea for us :D


Hey Sparky,

The humidity is waiting for you. lol. I hear next week is clear skies and 80's. Have a great trip :)


Hiiii jubilee hope you're doing good!!



I really am feeling so much better :D I guess you gotta experience the valley to stand on the mountain top. And I'm feeling fresh from up here Day 29.

oh, and I have also noticed my skin is brighter, my make up looks better too! :)


I just said that in another thread :) my skin looks less dull, I'm on day 22 x


Yeah, that comment was in response to your post. Its funny you put that down and just yesterday, I really noticed it for me. :) It feels awesome to start physically seeing the differnce :D


I know, its great :) x


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