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glad to still be here

well on day 5 now and am quite proud of myself managed to get through the wknd. Went to the friends 30th there was a lot more smokers than i thought there would be and i somone how managed i was just honest with them and told them what i was doing so i didnt seem rude if i walked off and they were all fine and were quite good at staying away when they were smoking. Dont think i was ever that nice as a smoker although probably was just dont remember. Yesterday wasnt to bad but think the hangover helped with that 1 because i barely got off the sofa all day other than to cook. Still finding cooking hard though cos that was 1 time of day i always went for a cigarette while standing around waiting for pans to boil etc. fingers crossed today isnt to bad because not feeling overly strong today and really dont want to cave into myself

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You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You did really well the weekend, keeping your head at the party and then nursing your hangover, it was always the hangover that got me!!

Today your probably reeling from all the mental effort over the weekend, you've conquered huge triggers this weekend and it shouldn't be taken lightly, many of us would have stayed away from that situation this early on in their quit so you have done extremely well.

Do something nice for yourself today, you deserve it!

Lorraine :)


Hi lottelee,

I agree with Lozza, do something nice for yourself today. You worked hard to get through the weekend & did a sterling job. Be kind to yourself so you can build up your strength in your quit again. If you feel a wobble coming on get yourself on here or do some reading till it's over, ok?



Well done. Keep a positive mind & remind yourself regularly just how grim smoking really is :eek: and that you owe it to yourself to have a good healthy richer life. Time will pass quickly and before you know it smoking will be a spec in the past - honest!!! Be strong. :)


Good for you Lott, just keep on keeping on and time will fly by. Well done. David


have been fine all day and just hit a big low spot so decided i am cooking a roast cos that will keep me busy for about an hour and half and then came her while waiting because the reading always makes me smile again. Thankyou for all your kind replies. I did have someone ask me about it earlier and said it was really good to reach day 5 which helped a lot. but then bruised my car badly hitting it on an extremely high granite kerb and the noise enough freaked me out which really didnt help nearly crossed the road to paper shop there an then after realising i have killed the nice shiny alloy and taken a chunk of rubber out of the tyre which the other half is on the way to assess. Maybe that would explain the ridiculously strong craving. Now i am rambling again but think if i dont i will crack. At least you all understand how the feeling of stress is when you are struggling with a nicotine low anyway


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