No Smoking Day

Wayhey! Week 4!!!

Hello everybody! I've made it to week 4!

I would of posted in Week 4, but there isn't one (Very confusing! :confused: )

I would assume that if I have not been smoking for over 3 weeks, I would be in week 4. Can't go to the month 2 forum as it hasn't been a month yet. I am offically homeless:( . Come on administrator, put a week 4 forum in!

Anyway, enough of my rant! Quite proud that I made it this far!

BTW, Where is everyone? Was logged on last night and ther was no-one here. Felt like a right billy no mates.I know it was Saturday night but I thought someone would be here.:(

Noticed lots of guests online though. Come on you people! Sign up to the forum and join in the conversation. We won't bite.

I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 8 hours, 49 minutes and 59 seconds (21 days). I have saved £39.52 by not smoking 320 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 2 hours and 40 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/07/2007 00:00


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Aaw thanks! I'll just dump my stuff in the corner, is that alright?

Buffy's away this weekend isn't she? Saw her brief post on Friday.

Feels strange her not being here.


Aw x x x I love you both x x x

I was away for the weekend x x glad someone missed me ! :p

My bloody kids!!! ooooh soz a buffy moan! :rolleyes:

I had a lovely time :D no cooking or washing etc and my mum in law is so perfect hehehe she washed all the clothes before we come back cooked every meal and washed everything! she is amazing!! i sat on my arse for 2 days!!

Shes lovely, x x x x x, unfortunately, the kids went straight back to normal when we got home! bicker bloody bicker, i got strict again 'cos i need to set boundaries again, my eldest was so f'ing smart he actually said my 7yr old is physiologically not right! grrrrrrrr he has to make a comment or a sly hit as any of the middle 3 walk by!

so we had the usual shit hit the fan after the calm scenario!

Anyway i am now here on my own home calm after the storm :D hehehehe i have one teenager now, in less than 6 years i will have 3 teenagers! OMG! stop the world, i want to get off!


Sorry barney x x

I didnt read your post properly because i got caught up in my crap.

Don't feel like billy no mates darling aw bless x xx x

You are obviously BARNEY NO MATES!! :p heheheh rofl

ahh soz couldnt resist x x

I tried to dive on and answer posts, i feel bad when i miss them x x but admittedly, although i did log on during my time away i didn't answer posts! :eek:

Ooooh bad moi!

I so want to hear from Barb!! I have even emailed her nothing *sigh* I hope and pray to god the worse case scenario is she is smoking again.

:D ~Buffy


Welcome back Buffy!:D

Glad you had a nice weekend! Back to reality today! Sucks doesn't it.

Friday went really well on the no smoking front. (see post 'tonights the night!')

Spent Saturday dismantling my sons cot and setting up his first bed. Feels like the end of an era :( Not a baby anymore. But he's sleeping better. Ended up asleep with him for a couple of hours last night when he stirred last night. Only got in to settle him down again and ended up asleep with him:rolleyes:


Sorry Boudee,

I popped out to get some more biccy's as I scoffed the ones in the cupboard, but I've brought a selection....

We've got,

Chocolate digestives

Custard Creams


and some party rings Yum Yum!!!:D


How do you have your tea? Milk? Sugar?



was gonna reply to the first post, but now i have read all the others, i cant remember the first!!!!! something about being homeless and i guess i am as well so we can bunk up together in a cardboard box (pass a choc biscuit lol)

anyway what im trying to say is " hi everyone " in a very roundabout sandie kind of way xxxxxxxx :confused:


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