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4 weeks today

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I feel so much better, still think of cigs but I so dont crave one. Think this is the one :)

Four weeks, 3 hours, 40 minutes and 0 seconds. 760 cigarettes not smoked, saving £163.43. Life saved: 2 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes.

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Mel,

More than 4 weeks, that's brilliant. :D This is most definitely the one!

Stay strong.


Hi Mel :D

YAY 4 weeks quit that great well done you, big hugs on their way


Marg xxxxxxxx

Thanks guys :)


Soon be counting in months and not weeks.. Keep up the good work Kaz :D

Hi Mel, Your beating me by one day & I am very glad you are! well done hun, will be posting mine tomroow. Can't wait :D gaynor xx

Hi Mel, FOUR WEEKS IS BLOODY FANTASTIC! i dont think this is the one I KNOW IT, you have done it! Keep going things can now only get easier, x


Hi Mel,

Well done you...it's fab xx

I forgot how many days I've been quit until I looked at my sig and it's 20 days........so tomorrow it'll be 3 weeks......god it feels like months since i had a fag....don't know if that's a good thing or not :eek:Having a bad night incase you couldn't tell :eek:

Hi Kate13, 20 days that is fantastic, dont worry about having a bad nite, we have all had those and that is when everyone on here can help you get through, be proud of how far you have come and focus on the good things i know that this is hard whn you having a bad nite/day, but even if just for a minute you can be proud and give yourself a huge pat on the back, sometimes it helps to write things down, at the begining of my quit i would write down how i felt and most of the time the craving came from how i was feeling and i could then focus on changing whatever it was that was wrong, for eg, i would think i was craving, a bad craving and then when i wrote things down, i could see it was more to do with being bored/stressed/worried, once i accepted that, i could deal with the crave easier,

this is a bit long now and im not sure if im helping, but keep going your doing fantastic,


Katie 20 days is brilliant and what Tracy says about writing it down do it, I was having a rough time and Tracy adviced me to write it down so I made my own blog on my comp that only I can read and it really does help. When I have a bad day I read back and find it easy to put myself back on track. ;)

thanks Tracy,

yes it has helped - I know why I'm having a bad night it's cause earlier today I decided to try and come off the champix cause am fed up feeling sick all the time and as soon as I thought bout coming off the cravings started and have steadily got worse and worse, think i'l just keep takin the pills, would rather feel sick that have these god awful cravings xx

You are right Tracy I know this is the one can feel it in my bones.

Gaynor I will be waiting here for you tomorrow :)

Hi Kate, i dont know very much about champix, im sure others on here would be lots of help to you, and i have read on here that some have lowered their dose to help combat the sickness but im sure everyone that can help with advice on this will pop on and post back to you, but as you say anything is better than smoking and im sending you a big hug to get you through, x


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