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Nearly 4 weeks done

I am so pleased I have made it this far. This quit seems to be different and a lot less stressful than preivous quits.

Paris was a bit of a challenge but I managed to fight the crave brought on by a few drinks. My husband had to brave the sub-zero temperatures alone for his nicotine fix.

I am looking forward to some exercise later to work off all the calories from the weekend. Well, here's to my next smoke free month.

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Hi Ellie :D

Well done almost 4 weeks done and dusted

I huge trigger out of the way with your Paris trip so a huge well done for that as well

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh poor hubby but maybe he'll come in out of the cold as well


marg xx


Wow, well done Ellie 4 weeks is great, especially with that strong trigger, keep up the great work! xx :)


well done elli, nice to see you are having a good experience while quitting smoking.

Keep on goin.



Well done Ellie, a trip away is such a big trigger, you did great.




Thank you for all the kind words. Today was a good day. I started my Couch to 5k program and it went well.


Hey Ellie - great idea re the couch to 5k project. I'm doing a lot more running in the gym now and would like to do a 5k race for life, and run the whole thing, not walk, run, wlak. Then I'd like to move up the distances from there. It's so important to have an aim and it really helps with the quit.


Hi Ellie

Glad you survived Paris it can be more dangerous than smoking, being pushing in the back no respect for pedestrians at crosssing places ect.

4 weeks CT with other half still on puff puff very good indeed you must be strong.

Just a little in front at day 35 which is £200 not spent on weed and a shed load of other benefits, not sure if I could do 5k run bad knees but swimming is a good sub.

keep battling them demons.



Congratulations Ellie, 4 weeks is fantastic. You lucky thing, a valentines weekend in Paris, how wonderful, glad you had a brilliant time.

Stay positive and keep at it,

Lorraine :)


Yay Ellie,

Well done thats a fabulous achievement - you should be very proud of yourself!

I have an OH who still chuffs, and it is hugely satisfying to see him go out and come back in all chilly while i'm still sat in the warm being all snug..... hehe... how cruel!

Well done on your (almost) 4 weeks... keep it up, sometimes it can be difficult when people are around you smoking too. But we can be s=trong and not give in to temptation!!!


Zo xx


It was romantic in Paris, some of the time. Just not when I was freezing at the France v Ireland rugby International!

My OH is now nearer to quitting. He has a couple of duty free packs left. He plans to watch the Allen Carr DVD. And if he still needs help, he will go to the Allen Carr clinic.


I watched that DVD when someone illegally posted it on youtube.. it made that much of an impression that i bought it anyway as they pulled the youtube vids from view.

Its worth anyone purchasing, has no grizzly imagery, and just speaks common sense. I've lent my DVD to a woman in work who has shown an interest in quitting, so i'm hoping to get her to make the leap to starting to breath easier. :)


I bought the DVD for him. I watched it after I had quit, but it helped to strengthen my resolve.


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