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just finished one week

and it's interesting how easy this is compared to last time (knock on wood)

easy in the sense that, when i quit for 3 months back in January, i had severe headaches, moodchanges, over eating, etc for the first 7 days.. None of that this time.. I've had the odd headache but i think that's from neck pain i have and the bad weather coming in, lol.

This time i plan on staying smoke free. For those of you that are around this mark, or have "cheated" before, don't let it hold you down. Just continue where you left off!

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Well done, the first week is the hardest - so you're well on the way now!


well done! iv found it much easier this time too. i think its about where your heads at when you stop

keep it up! :)


Thats great Kris

The first week is always the hardest. Linda xxxx


Hi there

It's great to be counting in weeks, soon you'll be racking up the months.

Keep up the good work,



Well done! see, it's easier than one thinks! :)


Well done! You're over the tough bit now and counting in weeks goes so much quicker for some strange reason!:confused:

Good luck with the forthcoming weeks of your quit!


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