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Day 19 WOW

Good Morning Everybody

I hope everyone is feeling fine and coping with their nic demons.

WOAH day 19 i still cant believe i have gone 19 days without a rollie, the longer i go the more determined i am not to smoke again. I just feel so much better in myself, my daughter thinks i am more relaxed and not so stressed.

My teeth look whiter, my breath smells better and my fingers are not nic yellow any more. Touch wood up to now i have just had the one bad day but i survived that, i am not stupid so i am expecting some more bad days but i will deal with them as when they arrive.

I am still feeling really tired and having interupted sleep last night was erotic dreams, the night before i woke up sweating these are the only side effects i have suffered from but i can put up with these if it means never smoking again.

I went to bed at 21:30 last night and begrudgingly got up at 05:00 to go to the gym at work got in the gym at 06:10 did my weights till 06:50 showered and changed and at my desk by 07:10. i feel much better after a work out but since stopping smoking have struggled to go the gym and my weight has gone up, when i started at the gym i was 115 kg and after 7 months dropped to 99.5kg then what with bank holidays and holidays havent been able to do 5 days a week at gym so weight crept up to 103kg and since stopping smoking it is 104.5kg, so i need to make a determined effort to get back to 5 days a week in the gym to try and control my weight. :D

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Hello Boudee

thanks for your continued support, this forum is very supportive and helps me a great deal.

How are you doing & well done on making it 2 weeks, i am sorry that you are not having erotic dreams

it was a weird dream involving for some reason pamela anderson a chandelier, wet suit and a soda syphon very strange indeed. :p


Well that certainly conjures up some images!! :eek:

Well Done Andy x x all in all you are not back up to your original 114kg which you was whilst smoking, so thats a positive note :D

It'll pick back up soon x x

Doing great keep it up

~Buffy x x


Aw Boudee x x x x x

Thats horrible!

I hate those nightmares but at least it reminds me I do actually like the little buggers :D



i have not had any bad dreams yet but now im crying over yours boudee:(

what an awful dream, lets hope you only have good ones from now on x


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