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Day 19 and feeling bit nervous

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Hi guys well it's 11 days since I joined this wonderful forum, this is my story, went cold turkey on the 14 May 2015 (1st time ever) have smoked for approx 49yrs anywhere between 15 - 25 a day ( depending if I'm at work or not) :0), got the flu and couldn't inhale so thought well why not, have been thinking about it for a while obviousley hence why I could get a kick start.

Hubby is still smoking but he goes and hides himself outside, very proud of him for supporting me, so just thought I am really really trying to give this thing the flick, and you know what if it comes between a choice of charging up my Nic free ecig and lighting up a real cig I will certainly try the ecig first, this seems to be my cushion to fall back on, I still have a packet of cigs at home and I also take 1 cig with me to work, as I don't know what to expect I'm covered and it makes me feel comfortable, this hasn't I don't think made it any harder, in fact I don't even think about it that I can have one any time I want, maybe this gives me the determination I need, some days are really really hard and some days are easy, I'm hoping that it gets better soon, my kids say they are so proud I would feel awful if I caved .

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Jilibean! What can I say? You are fantastic and I hope you are very proud of yourself - cold turkey too! Woop woop :) :) :)

It sounds like you quit a bit like me, I didn't really plan it, although as you say, of course I had thought about it. One Monday morning after smoking about a thousand over the weekend I decided not to smoke for the day, and then I just carried on thinking I won't smoke for the next hour then I might have one later... I didn't tell anyone and carried my tobacco round in my bag for at least 2 weeks, it was only then I struggled because I realised I'd given up!! And that scared me, so wierdly started using patches then and occasional e cig, which I have now stopped.

Hope you are congratulating yourself ALOT! ! :)

Your doing so frantically well, I so hope you are very proud, I will keep everything crossed that tomorrow is a great no smoking day.

Those weed are starting to add up nicely.

Brilliant, just keep going. Isn't it amazing how far you have come

Great going Jillibean. You can do this, absolutely can. I carried an almost full pack around with me for several weeks this time. I didn't smoke any of them; other people did. It was a little bit of a test for myself. You're almost 3 weeks quit. Welcome to the club.

A bout of flu is how I quit, couldn't inhale and couldn't stop coughing. It was really hard, and had a wobble about 3 weeks in, but it is the best thing I ever did. Just keep going, a day at a time, it is too soon to think about quitting forever. Please let us know how you get on, as would love this to be your forever quit - and tbh, you've done the worst of it :) x

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Hi jillibean

You are doing amazingly well. Some people advise against carrying cigs but I can see how it shows you're not depriving yourself because you can have one but choose not to. My husband smokes too though he is discreet also in support. I got used to knowing tobacco is there if I want it. I don't and I feel great. In month 4 now and though the odd situation causes some urges i really love not smoking X keep with the forum I am sure it's what will keep us all from getting trapped again x

Hey Jilli – Everyone has their own style for what works and what doesn't - what every your doing just keep doing it because its working, your doing fantastic!!!!!:) Your kids are proud and you should be too!!!:cool: I absolutely couldn't keep cigs on me , I wasn't strong enough to say no:(. I remember when I was young and my Dad quit, he always kept a carton on cigs in the house as his security. Worked well for him, but not so for my sister. She thought if he wasn't going to smoke them she would – problem was she was only about 11 or 12 and didn't realize dad would notice they were slowly disappearing - She was in big trouble!!!!

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Ha ha! LOVE that story, QUE :)

Thanks guys, I thought I must have been a bit unique in the fact that I carried cigs around with me, but it actually helps and it appears that I am not the only one, I am hoping I will not pick up a cig again but that I I can only hope, I have no real expectations but if that's what I want to do then that's what is what is going to happen, I do not expect to fail but then I am a realist I have been smoking for many moons and I don't expect this to happen overnight, however having said all that I realise that I have so many very valuable online friends which are all in the same boat as me, that I think I can do this and if not it's not because I havnt tried, the physiological trauma is what it is and we are all in the same boat and trying to beat this moron! Trying to take over our lives xxx

And Que love your story reminds me of my own :0) x

You are there!!!! Well done!

I carried ciggies around too. I always had them in my trouser pocket. Couldn't go out without them for a while. I even had a full packet hidden away. About 3 weeks after my quit I felt confident enough to give them away.... about a week laterI gave up my safety packet. I felt very proud both times, another milestone. After this I accepted I had no ciggies about and it was really OK :) I even threw a whole one I found in the fire the other day.... wow!

Whatever works - for me it's about choice :)

Thanks guys, gave a packet away the other day but still have a 3/4 open packet at home, don't know if I'm ready to give my 1 cig in my cig case I carry to work away just yet, I guess as time goes on the more confident I get the easier it will become to totally chuck them away, but I'm still day by day so time will tell

I had a paper weight back in the hmmmm 70's that had a cigarette and a single match suspended in glass, engraved on it said "In case of emergency break glass" :)

I remember that sort of gimmick, Que. Not sure if they sell well these days, like ashtrays on ebay, even if they are made out of porcelain/feature the Danish pee-pee boy, and on (heavens, I would never speak like this in reality!) but when I walk to the end of my street, to hipster land, there are many people, young people, smoking...............what is that about? Although I'm not one to talk. I knew the risks decades ago and still did it.

That's one of the best parts of this forum, Walkabout. We can speak our mind, remember our past , admit to things we probably wouldn't say out in the real world. We are working hard, to attain the same goal and damn it we deserve, to say politically incorrect things once in a while :eek: share our pasts that aren't always pretty :rolleyes: and just have some fun:) It helps.. well it helps me anyways...

Que could not have put that any better :0)

Okay I need some help does anyone know how I can do a new topic ? I can reply to posts but not create anything new this is so frustrating 😫

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Go to the forum of your choice. click on the forum name to expand. Just above the first topic, in the gray bar area you should see a red button that says new topic.

...humm the tab has gone??

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What happens if you follow this link...

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Incy xx You look a bit like Tinkerbelle in that pic xx :) :) :)

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Sh! No one's supposed to know - it's my second job ;)

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Tee hexxxx

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