Wow 100 days!

Hey all

Getting in early with this one, I just counted up the days and on 26 December 2015, I will be 100 days smoke free, I am very proud and delighted I made the best decision of my life to quit but still not feeling 100% normal and healthy, but time is a great healer and I just have to be patient and stay strong at all times.

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  • Well done Rowens, very well done indeed! That's great news and I'm very pleased for you.

  • Hey Nozmo, thank you, hope you are doing good?

  • Hiya Rowens. Yes I'm doing fine thanks...not too far behind you on 85 days!

  • Thats great Nozmo, time is going much quicker now.

  • Well done Rowens! Here's to a smokes free 2016!

  • Thanks mmaya, hope you are doing good and all set for Christmas. I finished up work yesterday and off until 4 January, great the way it has fallen this year getting a nice long break!

  • Owww lucky duck! I'm still slavering away... I'll won't be finished until around 6.30 today and will he back again Tuesday.

    I really need to slow down with the work... Happy Christmas buddy.

  • Same to you mmaya, enjoy!

  • Yea! Well done!! Happy holidays!

  • Same to you brien

  • Hey all, hope ye all got over the festive season smoke free. I got on grand and it didn't bother me at all being surrounded by some smokers yesterday at dinner with my sister and the rest of our family. It was actually great not to have to go out in the cold for a smoke and also the panic Christmas Eve to ensure I was well stocked up with all shops being closed Christmas Day.

    So, I am officially 100 days smoke free today, bring on the next 100 in 2016!

  • Well done Rowens - 100 days is a great milestone and you're well and truly on your way to freedom now.

    Wishing you all the very best for the New Year. x

  • Thanks Linda, the same to you for the New Year, hope you had a great Christmas, very relaxing and quiet for me which is just what I needed!

  • Rowens ... What a lovely X/mas present.... 100 Days.. Wow... That is what make this quit thing so exciting...Always firsts ...My first smoke free X/mas in 38 years and enjoyed the day doing what I love to do ....On my Kayak on the ocean fishing... Life is good...Happy smoke free New year Rowens as I will be away again fishing on new year....

  • Thanks Hercu, what a great healthy hobby to have especially after quitting, you must so appreciate fresh air and the beauty of nature so much more now! Happy smoke free New Year to you too.

  • yay well done to you! :) x

  • Thanks Nikki, Happy New Year to you!

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