No Smoking Day

I Need Some Advice

My husband and I (I know it sounds corny) are both giving up smoking together, I know that I need help from other people, can talk to them, my son has just given up, he is 29, he used patches first, Allen Carrs book and now his is on Zyban, and doing well.

My husband will not joing a group, wont read anything to do with smoking and yet desparately wants to give up. He hates the smell the taste, he says if anyone talks about it it just makes the craving worse. Can anyone suggest anything please.

Good luck everyone.


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HI Pupalup

Cant really help sorry My partner is on day 3 today and thats what hes like got him leflets from tesco today and he put them in the bin. He is on patches and he got him self a fake fag so its up to him. Maybe we should leave them do it as they want and just get on with our own quit. Good luck to you both and congrats to your son. Linda xxx


Hello pupalup.

I havent quit fully yet but cut down a hell of a lot (this is after 3 failures!) Last time I took zyban but the doc took me off after I had this mega bad reaction to it (nearly ended up in hospital!) I am now" cutting down to quit" using an inhalator thingy which is cool FOR ME! Point being babes that everyone has their own way to stub out 4 keeps. My hubby has never smoked but that never stopped me! I have tried several ways- but none worked cos I didn't feel I was really comfortable weith the method involved. Almost like I got this pressure on me that the method HAD to work cos other folk said it did! Let your hubby figure out what way is best for him and just love him back whatever!!

Karen X - still crazy about Gok Wang !:rolleyes:


karen has learned a lot through quitting and has taken 3 important steps towards quitting for good, any attempt at quitting is a step forward and can in no way be seen as a 'failure'!! so she receives a slapped wrist for saying that :p Karen carries on her road to non smokingdom regardless of the hurdles that are thrown her way!

People do need to quit 'their way' there is no one single 'right way' to quit. All you can do is support your husband in what he chooses to do, you can not tell him how to do it, stay focused on your quit and let him be. He is a fully grown adult as is your son who quit! actions speak louder than words, leave it him to act on his words, it is his life.

hope i don't sound too harsh x x ~Buffy x x


I Need Help

Thank you all for your advice, nothing is too harsh, but when you love someone you want the best for them. I will continue with my quitting, I am very determined this time. I will keep you informed of us both, today though I must admit he was a lot more positive, some niggles but better, the weekend will be the crunch, although now that people cannot smoke in public places pubs etc it will I think be easier for him. I work in a bar twice a week and last night (wednesday) was better for me, although people are obviously still smoking when they come in after having one they stink (lol) I know I did when I smoked.

Will post again hopefully before weekend, otherwise Monday.

Good luck all




Pubs are pleasant now! :D shall visit more often hehe

Glad hubby is more positive today x x i hope he succeeds x x

Well done on you x x Maybe you can plan a weekend in which you go to places you can't smoke? like cinema or something, just keep busy and lean on each other Stay strong x x ~Buffy x x


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