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New and need some advice tips

miranda451 Year Smoke Free


My story ...i smoked for 30 years and 30 a day was normal .

i am a Dutch girl living in Australia so sorry for the not always correct english

i really want to quiet and i decided to take champix .....its still hard ..i smoke now 7 a day and it`s getting less each day.

i know what left now are habbits the craving are not bad ...but i am weak i guess .

i am in the 4 week now and i am afraid to put the date down to not smoke anymore.

but i am gonna do it saturday , i still have smokes left and it is the habbits i find really hard to break especially the morning one .

i do not have a lot f side effects ..some dreams some headaches ...had 2 days i felt a bit blegh but thats it .

is there someone who can talk to me and give me some tips to break the last habbits

greetings Miranda

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laura61 Year Smoke Free

Hi Miranda. I am on champix too. Like you I started to smoke less and then on saturday I just didnt want one and I hadnt picked a day. Having said that it was after 12 days of taking champix.

The morning one is the hardest one for me to deal with. So I get up slightly later. Run to the kitchen put the kettle on and sit down and go straight on my phone to keep my mind distracted and hands active. Prepare in advance what you can do with your free time. Stock up on suckie sweets and lots of water

You can do this. Dont overthink it just go for it.

miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to laura6

thank you so much for your replay ...i think it is to easy becasue i still have some smokes here but after saturday they are gone for ever i hope

Exsmo in reply to miranda45

You can do this. Try the straws and lollies and water laura6 mentioned. I had to smoke all mine before i could quit too.

Exsmo in reply to laura6

Yes LOTS of water can curb a craving too. Oh and welcome Miranda! Am really liking this team effort

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Miranda....Welcome...Nice to see a Southern Hemisphere quitter on the forum.... I can see you know exactly what to expect....(Miranda 10 Nicotine 0)

I believe Champix is a wonderful aid and helped me after 38 years at 60 a day to be able to stop totally on day 12....Not saying you must rush it, take your time and stop when you are ready....but as you have decided , you must set a date.....

I never set a date and that morning on day 12 ( Because I also missed the morning one the most) I smoked half a cigarette and threw it and the rest of the 20 pack and my lighter was on top of my fridge where it sat for almost a year...I have learned not to carry my cigs with me and made it difficult to get one...

Breaking the addiction is the "easy'' part but the habbit is the difficult one, I am almost 2 and half years smoke free and out of habbit still sometimes reaches for my top pocket where I carried my cigarettes for 38 years...! I never had serious cravings ...!

I think our biggest fear is to loose that companion...That one we thought is getting us through our day..and never thought how it is slowly draining us from our normal lifes..and even more slowly killing us !!!

The best tip I can give is keep your hands and mind busy with something intersting...That things you always wanted to do but there was a cigarette in the way...Supplement with herbal supplements to get the Dopamine flowing again and start to enjoy your new life...This smoke free life is amazing...!!!!

If physical possible go for a nice long walk or even jog...

you are in it to win it ...!! Strongs

miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

thank you so much for your replay

Hev123Valued Contributor

I'm on Champix, it took me 3 weeks to stop, I ran out of cigs and just decided I wasn't wasting my money on them anymore.

It's still going to be hard for you for a couple of weeks, but Champix will take the edge off a bit. It will get easier as the weeks go by.

You have to WANT to stop and you will.

I have a zero nicotine vape which helps me in the evenings, but I don't use it that much now.

Stay strong 💪 Come on here when you need to, it really helps me reading all the posts.

Good luck 🍀🍀🍀

Hev123Valued Contributor in reply to Hev123

I've just realised that this community (No Smoking Day) is different to the 'Quit Support' community, my badge is different in here (not sure why) I'm 4 weeks smoke free now. 😁💪😁

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Hev123

Hey Hev123 - our community 'No Smoking Day' is a completely separate and is not related or connected to 'Quit Support'. The way it is run and works is unique to each community. Here, badges are awarded for different milestones as explained in below post. I am shining your 1 month badge as we speak and you will have it on 24th - it works well doing the badges this way as keeps us motivated :)


Welcome miranda45 and congratulations on making the best decision of your life to stop smoking. We have many members who have stopped using champix successfully and over the 1 and 2 year milestone. I stopped myself cold turkey over 2 years ago, it is a roller coaster of a journey but has been one of my best achievements to be smoke free!

Below is a link to some helpful posts worth a read if not already done so;

We look forward to your Day 1 post very soon :)

miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

i think my day one post will be today ......

i decide to do it today .... dont feel like smoking anymore ...

laura61 Year Smoke Free in reply to miranda45

Thats fab. The first few days are hard/ weird. But it does get easier.

miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to laura6

funny part is it feels so easy ...thoughts of having a fag goes away in sec ......hope this stays like this

Exsmo in reply to laura6

I agree. Luv the honesty on here! Makes it so much easier knowing what to expect. No disappointments that way.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to miranda45

Ah great to read miranda45 - looking forward to reading your progress on how you are getting on - post anytime throughout the day, think we have all the time differences covered - make sure to create a new post so it will pop up in our news feed immediately, wishing you strength, you can do this :)

I take champix too. What worked for me was 1 reading immediately on waking and eating breakfast. Probably hadn't eaten mornings the 35 years i smoked. Took pill and had cut a drinking straw to length of cig and " smoked it". Best tasting one you'll ever have AND I read it's like a deep breathing exercise that's calming. It did me anyway and took care of the hand to mouth habit. Don't do it as much now. Believe i keep it with me though. At first i used it all the time & felt pretty satisfied with it.

miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to Exsmo

that sounds like a great idea and yes the reading part helps me trough

miranda451 Year Smoke Free in reply to Exsmo

you still take the 2 pills ?

Exsmo in reply to miranda45

Am on 3rd month and got .05 mg instead of 1mg, that i take mornong and night. Cutting them in half seemed to make my hands tingle. (Have now read that can be from circulation improving) Am very sensitive to many meds and had some bad physicsl side effects so wsnted to wean off as soon as possible. I did get more craving when i tried just 1 .05 mg so will be taking both a bit longer. I cut back from 1 and a half 1mg pills to 1 mg pill cut in half then got rx for .05 pills for 3rd month. Am wondering if it's not too soon, but so far remain smoke free and never want to smoke again. Emotional cravings are different than physical ones, but can really catch you off guard.

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