No Smoking Day

Yay! Here I am!

Linda reminded me on the other thread that I could jump up a forum today. Ta Linda:D

So, day 2 and I have a dilema....I've done my back in- well pulled a muscle in my neck and I'm sentenced to sit very still until it's better.

So on one hand I'm a bit peed off- it hurts, I'm missing out on a school trip with my daughter and I can't bloody move my head.


I get to sit quietly and do absolutely nothing but relax and get stuff brought to me!:D . My other half (non-smoker and with a healthy neck) has been wonderful and before he left with daughter this morning- he's replacing me on the trip- he went to the shop and brought me juice, gum, nurofen and a big pile of newspapers and trashy mags. He's also moved the computer for me so I can come online to pass some time.

Is this the best, or worst, way to give up? What do you think?

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I empathise with you I have a terrible neck! all my stress goes there.

I sprained it twice! in a 3 weeks last year,

first time was mucking around with my boyfriend and our daughter, play fighting and tickling etc,

then 2 weeks later i sneezed!! crazy!!

~ february ~ and had physio for 2 months :( I know your pain!

nurofen?! you should get something a bit stronger from doc my doc gave me valium :D

I think it is a good way to quit x x it's a distraction! and you are getting looked after :D

Keep it up and hope the pain eases ~Buffy x x


Hi Badnelly!

Well done so far!:D

I'm on day 11 but since I gave up I've been i'll. It's so not fair!:mad:

Last week I had a stinking cold and this week like you I got back trouble!

I think it's a trapped nerve at the base of my back. I've been taking Ibuprofen, paracetamol and deep heat to rub on my back.

Took me 40 mins to walk to work when it normally takes 20mins.

Looking like an old man walking down the road. all I need is the walking stick to finish the look.

stay strong, you're doing great!!!:)



Morning Barney,

My other half suffers with his back as a bricklayer its part of the job unfortunately!!

His gp recommended Pilate's, which he did for some time and he says it did help a lot!! he swims too

Hope you both feel better soon!

~Buffy x x


Thanks you two.:)

Buffy- I swim a lot and it does help. I really like the idea of valium but have never tried it as I suspect I would like it too much;)

Barney- I sympathise. I walked down the street yesterday and looked idiotic crossing roads, I had to slowly turn my whole body not just my head.:(


Morning Buffy,

This isn't something I suffer from frequently. Probably once or twice a year.

Normally goes away after a day or so but the last couple of times I've had it, it's lasted longer. If its still here by tomorrow i'll have to see my gp.

I think this thread is turning into a ailments thread lol!

Anyone else got any aches and pains we could diagnose for ya! hehehe!:D

Take care!



Yeah i was worried too about that badnelly!! hehehehe

I was prescribed 12 and there are still 8 in the pot :D out of date and need throwing away lol so they're not as addictive as they say, it is very good as it relaxes muscle spasms, nurofen is an anti inflammatory, which isnt as effective in the neck.

Lol at crossing road turning entire body!! i know that one :rolleyes:


oooo I just had some major fat bummed cravings!:eek:

I think it's because I put the patch on earlier than usual this morning and my fag hungry body has already sucked all the nicotine out.:D

I had a few puffs on my inhalator which just made me go a bit manic. Found myself in the kitchen telling the kettle that I was 'gonna ride the buggers out':o

Onwards and upwards.


hehehe i like that one, if in trouble speak to an inanimate object :D

What ever works!! x x x x keep up the strength and keep drinking whatever it was you was boiling up the kettle for :D

Just don't get into an argument with the kettle and wiggle your head like someone on the trisha show 'whatever' 'cos that'll hurt your neck >_<

Keep on going x x ~Buffy x x


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