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Day 8

Hello everyone :)

Made it to week 2 i am delighted, i feel really good in my self as i mentioned in day 7 post nicotine stains on my fingers have gone, my teeth look cleaner, my breath doesnt smell like an ashtray, and when i breath i dont get that rattling sound.

These champix tablets are making me tired i could sleep for england at the moment been going to bed about 9 to 9.30 and be getting up about 5.30 have been waking up several times during the night but not having any bad dreams, somebody else on this site mentioned about the tiredness with these tablets thats the only negative, the positives are they work they have helped me stop and that is what i wanted.

Have got a cough today cleaning the crap out of my lungs only to be expected.

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Morning Shelfish

Well done your doing great the tiredness may not only be down to the pills alot of other quitters get tired maybe withdrawels. The crap from the lungs you will get that on and off for a few weeks better out than in. Keep trucking your doing fab Have a Lovely Weekend. Linda xxx



Thank you for your help and support.

this is an excellent site very helpful and supportive.

Have a nice weekend (shame about the weather) :)


Well done shellfish !!

I am still suffering with tiredness!! I have changed my lifestyle a lot though so it maybe i need to level out and balance up again!! hehehe

In reflection, i am sleeping better and more than ever!! the broken sleep patterns have gone for me.

While your body is expelling the crap it's a good idea to get rest as you'll be a little run down too. Don't forget your water ;)

Hopefully we can get a few minutes peace at the week end :D

~Buffy x x

Morning Linda x x hope you are well ~Buffy x x


i feel tired and relax as soon as i take a pill.Most people have trouble sleeping,but i sleep more.Well done


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