No Smoking Day

WOW Day 7

Morning everybody :)

Day 7 WOW i really cant believe i have gone a whole week without a rollie, i was smoking 30 a day for 30 yrs. Started to notice some changes i can breath without that rattle sound, the nicotine stains on my fingers have gone my teeth dont look so stained. I would thoroughly recommend Champix they are working a treat for me, i did use patches and champix but have removed patches and i doing well with just the champix, i get the odd pang for a rollie you know after a meal but it lasts less than a minute. When i smoked i used smoke three rollies straight away when i got up and i was worried about missing those but i havent thought about smoking when i get up in the morning. Anyone else using champix i would like to hear how they are getting on with it

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MOrning Shellfish

Congrats on your first week dont forget to give your self a BIG treat you have earned it. My partner smokes rollies and when he give up for five weeks I was shocked how fast is fingers was clean he said he is quiting next monday again but he said that last monday hehe we will have to wait and see. Keep up the good work and keep strong Linda xxx


Fantastic man, a week is a collosal achievement - don't you forget it either!

You've come way too far to go back now!

Keep going!


Ah you can breath a sigh of relief now :D

Thats the major hurdle accomplished! :eek:

What a star, now you can see the obvious improvements you can imagine how much you are improving your health inside!

Keep it up x x and as Linda says your well worthy of a big treat! go spoil yourself ;)

~Buffy x x


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