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Starting Month 2 Yippee


Well today being the 4th July that means it is now one whole month since I last had a cigarette and from smoking for 25 years and recently 40 a day I am feeling very proud of myself:D

Must admit the last few days have been driving me crazy cos with the smoking ban the media is full of stuff about not smoking just at the time when I'm trying very hard not to think about it!!

But on a positive note I realise that since i am not using NRT but am on Zyban I have been nicotine free for about 28 days so the fact that i still find myself looking for something and then have to remind myself that i don't smoke any more is purely down to habit rather than addiction.

Ok so I had a few side effects early on with the zyban mainly nausea which thanks to tips from Buffy and Kazza among others I found bearable, and was also a little disheartened to find that others using zyban all seemed to stumble within a few days of each other right at the beginning of my quit .

I have to say however that in previous quit attempts using nrt i have failed miserably mainly due to the vivid dreams the itching and the fact that my temper was so bad my kids almost left home! but have to say that with the zyban I'm feeling so chilled out i cant quite believe the government havn't got round to taxing it heavily the same as alcohol lol.

This isn't meant to sound like i am trying to belittle anyone elses preferred quit method .. far from it whatever works for a person is fine whether that be medication nrt or cold turkey but i just thought with all the new people who have joined the forum in the last few days I'd mention the zyban in case anyone else is using it.

As for all the newbies congratulations on your decision to quit you are all doing really well:D Keep up the good work

Finally my quitstats;

I have been quit for 1 month 38 minutes and I have not smoked 900 cigarettes:eek:

I have saved £202.69 :cool: I'm rich!!!!

and I have added 3 days and 3 hours to my life expectancy woo hoo

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Way to go Dragonfly

Well done.

I`m 4 days behind you.

Life`s great.

I will soon be in month 2 with you.

Barb x

You two are doing soooo great I cant belive its a month the time has gone so fast Keep rocking Linda xxx

Well done dragonfly x x x x

What a star! It's great that you persevered at the beginning and shone through the other side :D

It is good for people using zyban to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you are an inspiration good on you!

One point I will argue however temper was so bad my kids almost left home! You imply this is a bad thing, I am considering the option! *snigger* :D

Feeling so calm and stress free after quitting I question myself on whether smoking actually helped me de~stress before. I reckon now it actually just kept me on edge! because i have not felt this chilled in a very long time!

Now i just hope that £202 is going directly to your 'spoiling myself' fund Don't spend it wisely :D

~Buffy x x

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