Starting my 12th month!

I'm so so pleased! Smoke-free me is sending heartfelt thanks to 2015 me for putting in the hard work.

This time last year I was smoking a LOT, hopelessly addicted while watching my lovely dad lose his brief fight with cancer - terrible. I don't know if that's what spurred me on to quit or not, I'd wanted to stop for so many years but just been unable to see how. And then I did. I wish I could state in simple terms what it was that made quitting suddenly seem possible. I think it was a combination of timing, life experience, research and just a magical lightbulb moment that made me realise I could be stronger than I thought.

So, to all those of you struggling to find a way, here's this.

In the words of the wise Christopher Robin, 'Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.'

Good luck everyone x

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  • Massive congratulations Incy,almost there to knock on the penthouse door. Well done! Great motivational post especially for the newbies, thank you!

  • It's so amazing - even though I had quite a positive and confident quit, I always kind of thought I might not make it...but yes, penthouse here I come! Keep it up rowens x

  • Great post incy, I'm very happy for you! I'll meet you in the penthouse soon :)

  • Woop woop! The penthouse is going to be fabulous isn't it?!

  • Woop woop is right lol

  • Incy...your post is exactly how I feel...I remember January 2015 smoking like a chimney with my ex boyfriend (the relationship didnt survive the quit) and thinking how great but impossible it would be to give up at some point. Today is my 309th day on my quit and I feel great...there r many people I would like to thank and you r one of them...I am positive I wouldnt have made it without all the support and education from this forum and elsewhere. The support here was wonderful...thank you soo much...cant wait to become golden...can you??? !!!! :)

  • Antonis my friend! You're not far behind me - can't wait to see what the penthouse is like :) Glad you're still free!

  • Hahaha!!! I almost feel relative to you Incy!!! So happy we r soon to celebrate!!!

  • ...and Im left crying abt my own stupidity, I was ahead of both of you! I should be entering the penthouse next Monday. :( ah well, I'll get there eventually :(

  • mmaya don't! Celebrate how far you've come this (final!) time, and how much you've learned along the way, and how much help you've given to others :D You're a star, don't you dare think anything different! xxx

  • Ah well....I hope one of you saves me a place by the window....I'll be there in September :)

  • of course!

  • Wanted to pop my head in just to say, a huge congratulation from me, I always thought you would make the penthouse.

    Brilliant Incy, hope your on top of the world, well done you

  • Thanks Tracey, that's very kind of you to say :) Wishing you all the best with your quit, too! xx

  • Hi Incy... The Penthouse will be bright and filled with sunshine....and I am glad I am only 4 moths away... See you there soon !!!!

  • Hercu the penthouse will indeed be a joyful home for us all! See you there :)

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