No Smoking Day

An amazing revelation!

So, I've just had first ciggie in 3 days.

It was bloody awful.

Been getting stressed out at work. I work in technical sales, and the Italians, Belgians, Portuguese and French have been giving me "poo" all day and my levels have been rising.

The amazing revelation is: I do not feel less stressed.

It did not help. If anything I am now more stressed that I let myself fall so easily, and am back at square 1.

Cigarettes do not help reduce stress levels, they are just a way to excuse yourself from the situation (and go outside away from the telephones). Just walking around the office for 5 minutes would have had the same effect. (Or posting a message on here :p )

Still there is nothing I can do about the past. Won't beat myself up about it.

See you all on Day 1 page tomorrow

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Thats a shame wabbit but then again is it?

Now you know what your craving! ~ a fantasy ~

You did the whole process yourself and worked it out for yourself well done x x

Onwards and upwards x x

Thanks for being so honest x x others will read that and see for themselves what they are/NOT! missing :D

Hope you and Mrs wabbit continue up the right path to non smokingdom x x

You should be proud of yourself for getting through another hurdle x x

~Buffy x x


Hi There

I had a blip on day 15 , but seeing as i only smoked one and a bit , all the answers said i could still stay on day 15 and not go back to day 1.

When i gave up 2 years ago i had one after 2 months which was vile, but it led to another until it tasted good again. I know how easy it is for that to happen again. So when i had the blip this time, i had to knock it on the head straight away.

Good luck and keep it up. Your doing well.

Barb x


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