No Smoking Day
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Morning of Day 6 = Revelations!


This morning in the bathroom was my first sense that my body is actually healing.

The shower gel smelt so good, it was odd!!!

Today i have woken in a far better mood, and if im honest not really thinking about those cancer sticks that often anymore!!

I am worried about the weekend though. Not that I am going out, its because i usually visit family who smoke!! I may avoid them for the time being.

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Good stuff, Ralphy. I just had a colleague standing next to me helping me with something (lovely guy, by the way). But he REEKED of fag smoke, and it really started to make me feel ill. I thought, omg, that was me!

Re your fam, we all have our triggers, and I suppose there are 2 schools of thought: avoid the situation for awhile or tackle it head on. The first means that you will still have to do it eventually (unless you decide to disown them, lol) and you may be stronger later. Or, it just make it more difficult/cause anxiety. If you jump in sooner rather than later, then you can walk out with having 'ticked' that trigger off. It's whatever works for you. :)




yeah thanks for that.

A couple of people i work with smoke.. and you can certainly start smelling it on people.

Makes you think about what people must of thought of you when you walked in after having a cig.

re: familly, i havent decided what im going to do yet. However i will let you know!


Hi Ralphy :D

Almost a week already well done

Yes it's suprising how quickly our bodies start to heal and the sense of smell returns really fast but there are loads more benefits so come for you Promise


Marg xx


Hi Ralph

Well it will be one week for you today so congratulations! [I'm just 1 day a head of you]

What ever you decide about visiting family I hope you manage the weekend being smokefree.

Thankfully all my friends are non- smokers as are my extended family. However my husband still smokes and that is my hardest challenge:( Thankfully he is working away from Mon to Friday at the moment so the week has been ok, but this weekend has been harder as I smell the smoke. BUT...... it hasn't made me want a ciggie I just focussed on the horrible smell so am hoping this will keep me strong over the weekend.

Have a great weekend




Hi Jasmine i know just how you feel as my o/h still smokes he has to go outside he hates it but its tough and i can smell it more so on him when he has had one

But it dosent make me want one but makes me more and more potsive to never smoke again and to smell nice again



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