No Smoking Day
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Wow, I've got to day 11 and had a revelation!

Good Morning all

What a rubbish nights sleep last night. Bloomin cats were winding up my dog at the patio doors at 1am this morning. Had to get up to calm her down.

2 weeks ago I would have had a cigarette while she ran about the garden protecting us from the evil cats from the neighbourhood. And yep, I thought I had a craving, after reading previous posts, I remembered other quitters saying to have a drink of water to rid myself of the crave


(I haven't needed to do that during the day as I have patches and lozenges)

I was amazed it actually worked..................Thank you so much for that piece of advice.

As the title says I have reached day 11 and I am well chuffed with myself and have you lovely people to thank for my success :D

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Ooh that's fab, well done Amanda :D


Thanks guys................I am a little bit pleased with myself :D:D


Well done Amanda! There are always some great tips to pick up on here! :D


Super job, keep it going, we are almost at 2 weeks!!! :)


I remembered other quitters saying to have a drink of water to rid myself of the crave


I believe I was one of the many.

I'm glad you're doing okay but after your other post I cannot stress enough to keep drinking it! Not just one here or there. All throughout the day, sip after sip after sip. Down a bit more when you're experiencing a craving if you need to but sip away as much as you can. Most people are dehydrated. For us smokers our bodies become unable to tell the difference between nicotine cravings and the body's desire for hydration.

Even for normal smokers, if they were to do this, they would be able to cut their smoking down by more than 3/4!!!

So keep up the water sipping! I find I usually dont drink water so much (though I'll happily drink anything in sight...) water is the important one and I find it easy to pack away a lot of it without noticing if I use a straw. If that helps any haha.

Keep going! It's hard but you CAN do it.


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