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my day three


i'm a newby to fresh start. it's my third day and i was just sitting around putting of going to the gym and googled "no smoking, day 3". how cool. i know from aa that group therapy works and that is sort of what this is. so cheers from ny city to all my day three peeps. yesturday, day 2, i had a dull stomach ache all morning. today my head sort of hurts. mornings with that first cup of coffee are a trigger for me, there's one everyday. i wonder how folks are doing with the no smoking ban in the UK. it's been here in New York for three or so years. we smokers can always find somewhere or somereason to light up.

stay strong everyone,


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:D welcome and hello :D

i posted in your reply to the other thread!

:( hehehe


Welcome Jabe

This is a great site for support so keep posting and keep strong Linda xxx

Welcome to the site Buncy x x x x

One thing that I cant stand is the non-smoker wjho cannot understand what we are going through. OK, tis fair we started smoking, but so what, we need support not ridicule!

Infuriating! the whole 'shut up and don't smoke then! stop bloody moaning' attitude infuriates me! :mad:

Everyone has a vice and a weakness trust me, even these so called perfect do bloody gooders! they're just projection their insecurities in order to make themselves feel good. Twitts

*deep breath* :D anyway, well done on your quit! Day3 nearly half way through week 1 and then you can relax a little x x keep busy and treat yourself, you deserve it!!

keep posting and feel free to moan and grump all you like here, we're all on your side x x ~Buffy x x

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