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Day 5


Good morning all!

Well Day 4 went remarkably well, between 3 and 4 in the afternoon I was a bit miserable but all in all a good day.

Now I am not the happiest of people in the morning (And that isn't just down to smoking in the past). I am totally unapproachable until I've had a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed and had a drink.

However I layed in bed this morning feeling very miserable thinking to myself "why bother getting out of bed, my work is just going to really annoy me today!!!" (Or should I say the people I work with will really annoy me).

Then I thought to my self "Hang on a minute it's Day 5 of no-smoking" and that single thought actually cheered me up.

I hope everyone on their no-smoking campaigns are holding it together, and the most important question of the morning:

Barb6374 are you still 30 minutes behind me???? And how are you feeling?

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A very good morning to you and YES still only 30 mins behind you.

Yesterday was a good day for me. Only had about 3 craves which were bought on by old familiar smoking habits ie at friends having coffee.

I have found coming on here really helps and i look forward to hearing from you to see if you are still kicking the habit. Healthy competition.:D

Not feeling to bad today.Hope its as good as yesterday.

I forgot to say to you the other day, but i also drink pepsi and coke. I was on 2ltr bottle a day but now am down to 2ltr every 3 days. Not very good for my diabetes but i love the stuff.Can`t stand the diet varietys.

Carry on the good work and will catch up later.


I am glad that no-smoking campaign is going well for you.

Hope everyone has the same success that we seem to be having.

Don't get me started on Coca Cola... I have been drinking 6 to 8 cans a day for about 5 years now.

However I am down to 1 can a day at the moment, started drinking coffee rather than Coke. I've been meaning to stop drinking fizzy and get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Its weird how things change, I use to be sooo fit, I was a Green Belt Kick Boxer, Gymnast, Bodybuilding (In a Gym 5 times a week) and could run a sub 5 minute mile. Spent 4 years in the Royal Air Force with everyone around me smoking (but not me), then at 26 years old I started while working away from home up in Yorkshire.

Basically I have abused my body over the last ten years and now its time to get back on the straight and narrow.

Although one thing that is probably helping me is that I don't drink alchohol. Never have done, maybe a couple of Sherry's at Xmas and thats it.

Time to get back to work for me, if we don't speak again today then I'll see you on our Day 6. :)

This is so weird. I don`t drink alcohol either.My hubby only has a drink at xmas but i haven`t had any since i was 18 which is (hum) quite a few years ago.

Keep up the good work.Going to see smoking counselor today, will update later.


Well done both of you x x x x I am so glad you have each other here to help support your quits.

My son is RAF mad, he's picked his GCSE options to fit around a pilot, otherwise he would like to be an engineer. He's definitely going for the RAF though he has always been determined since he could talk!

If you see Kazza around here she is ex RAF too.

Well done on the cola cut back too, man , that amount of coke a day was probably burning your insides!

Both great for teetotals too!! I unfortunately am not :rolleyes:

Best of Luck with the councilor Barb, I found mine a god send before ~ Buffy

Day 5 can be a tricky one. The excitement of being an ex-smoker may be starting to slide a little. At this point some people even start to question their motivation and ask themselves “Is this such a good idea?” Or (more worryingly) “Hmmm if I have got this far, I can always give up another time…”

If this is how you are feeling, you need to quash those thoughts quickly. There are two things you need to think about right now. Firstly, now, more than ever before, is the time to concentrate on today and today alone. So for now, let’s take it one step at a time and just concentrate on getting through today without a cigarette.

The second thing you should focus on is that before long it will get easier. And you are already through the hardest part already. What’s more, your body has a clear message for you today. Your smoker’s breath has gone! That’s because your body has already got rid of some of the harmful waste products lurking in tobacco smoke that make your mouth and breath smell like an old ashtray.

So having read this, are you feeling more positive? lets hope so because you’ve got a lot to smile about. :)

all the best guys.


Thanks Roy, good solid advice, I was thinking about the risks of becoming too complacent about this giving up.

And today has been really really easy, however my business partner popped around for a couple of hours today, we talked about business and there it was. The biggest urge to have a smoke that i've had in 5 days. :eek:

Luckily for me it passed as quick as it came but it was totally unexpected. The problem was that when ever we get together and talk business we stand outside and I normaly smoke while thinking and talking (The other guy doesn't smoke).

But all in all, something that I will be very aware about over the next few weeks / months (Or even forever...)

Hi all - yep be aware the cravings leap out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, after days, weeks even sometimes months without - just be ready for that one desire and decide it's not worth the hassle. - They become very few and far between but it's worth being ready for them:D

You're doing so well keep it up and keep posting


Thanks to all for the support.

I was doing really well until late afternoon when all i have had is cravings.I have had to really fight not to have a cig.

As was posted earlier i am thinking that oh i could have one and start again 2morrow but as of yet i haven`t.

I hope to make it through till 2morrow. Wish me luck everyone.

Barbara x

Hey Barb, Hope you saw my reply to your thread... keep with this quit the first few days are the worst and you will always have to get through them.. stick with us cos I was the worst smoker and cynic ever and here I am nine weeks late and happier than I thought I could ever be about quitting despite probably having one of the most stressful periods of my just goes to show it's tough but can be done!!

By the way what's your choice of beverage? Tea, coffee, beer, wine or CIDER:D Best bunch of folk ever on here - keep us posted.


Hi Loopy

Thanks for reply.

Did you use nrt or cold turkey?

I`m just sitting here wanting a fag but trying to distract myself from having one.

Can i use the nrt chewing gum with the 21 gram patch just to get over worst cravings?.

Barbara x

Hi Barb - Well I'm no doc but my Gp did say gum was OK - I used the odd piece of 2mg gum at tricky moments - whatever works for you but if you feel at all ill seek advice - the patches though have kept me sane and all those who worry about addiction to NRT shouldn't - it's no big deal just a slower withdrawal than cold turkey.

Like I say I was theworst smoker amongst all the people I knew and even today I've moved down to 7mg but the darn little thing just peeled straight back off my arm so I've got a piece of 2mg gum on the go now!! I've absolutely astounded all the people I know by doing this - but you know most smokers are really strong people but this is one thing they can't control - I feel absolutely brilliant, better than I have for years, because I have overcome this - you can too just get through each day, get all the help you can, and keep us posted- we're all here for you.


Thanks loopy for your support.

Craving finally finished about 10 mins ago so i shall go bed now and will update you 2morrow.

Thanks again.

Barb x

Hi Barb, hang in there its a new day tomorrow and we are nearly into a new section of the forum... Now that would be cool... And what would be even cooler, is both of us being there with only 30 minutes between us.

Well thats me done for the day, time to stop work and go watch 2-3 hrs of TV. Then crawl to bed only to be woken up thought out the night by my (soon to be 5 year old) son.

And also on a different note I use to smoke Drum Tobacco, a small pouch with liquorice rolling papers per day, I also use to drink a minimum of 6 cans of Coke per day. So through not smoking for five days I have saved:

5 x £2.75 = £13.75 (Cigs and Papers)

5 x £1.89 = £9.45 (5 Six packs of Coke)

Grand total of £23.20, now I don't carry cash, I am one of these annoying people who VISA everything, and when I use to go to the shops I use to buy other stuff also, so the amount saved so far is alot more than shown above.

So I am well on my way to buying that Ferrari... :cool:

On another note, I was thinking about things today, and based on rolling 20 cigarettes per day for 365 days per year for 10 years, thats 73000 roll ups I've done. Now thats an amazing amount of time and to be honest my fingers should be like a pair of thigh muscles :eek:

Although not a very interesting piece of information it equates to about 600 hours of rolling which is 86 working days (based on a 7 hour day), or 4 working months of rolling... And thats without smoking them... Hehehe...

So to summarize cigarettes...

A waste of money

A waste of time

A waste of lives!!!!!!!

Well I don't know about everyone else but a picture is forming here!!!

And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work it out. :)

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