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No Internet Is Almost As Hard As No Smokes

heya friends... i'm still alive, still kicking... still fighting the good fight... i've had a couple passive cigars... but mostly still smoke free, definetely inhale free. I'm not going back to what I was at the beginning of the year. I feel much better about myself... and miss you all. I plan to have my internet full up soon ... so i'll be back. Congrats to you all, and its good to see familiar faces still on here.

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Hello Vike X X X X X X X X X X X

Glad your still on the good road :D No internet Ouch thats hell on earth!!

hehe Catch you soon big *hugs*

~ Buffy x


Hi vike

Good to hear from you Glad your still being good Hope your back on line soon Linda xxx


Hi Viking - so very good to see you:) Jeez no internet - that's like the dark ages when people smoked tobacco and cars had wheels - glad you'll be back up to speed soon:D



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