Frustration with my stove is almost driving me to smoke

My lovely log burner has been nothing but trouble, I can't get it resolved. No matter what I do. Arrrrrr

With everything else happening, with this doomed house. Damp. Drain issues, no down stairs water for six weeks. Arrrrrrrr

I could easily cave  in, !!!!!

Put pen to paper, so feeling a little better.

A good old fashioned English moan.


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  • Tracey you are the most amazing person. Not many people have as much to put up with as you do in their lives and on top of that the house situation sounds a nightmare. Your strength in not caving is an inspiration to us all - let alone your ability to beat the corner shop! Stay strong and keep us posted

  • Sorry to hear your having a rough time of it Tracey, My house has been a nightmare too have had damp and needed alot of plastering done in the living room and now the shower needs replaced. No one would fault you for thinking about caving in with all you have going on, but caving in and having just one , won't help things I know. You have came so far. Stay strong

  • Well said FordyP , strongs Tracey3 , after all you have got through I know a stove is not going to knock so take that little black book of yours out and read the page that says you are a remarkable strong person :)

  • It all heaps up sometimes doesnt it. You are strong though, and wont cave. Glad you came to the forum to moan :-)

    Keep strong!

  • you just dare madam 😒

    your corner shop is out and so is smoking 🚫

    I know you're stronger than you think 😁

    all kichen ,water .things will work out.

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Oh my Tracey3 what a lot to contend with! I think I'd be pulling my hair out with those issues. But not smoking - never smoking - it'll just make you stinky and how will you wash away the smell with no water? (yes I know it's only downstairs but still ...) Blimey do you have to wash your pots in the bath?

    Oh and never apologise for having a moan!

  • No I don't wash them in the bath, but will give my hubby credit, as he does indeed wash them in the bath,

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