No Smoking Day

Day Three, I'm still alive

Hi all.

New to the site. Looking very good, lots of good people here. Well It’s day three for me and I must I’m not too bad yesterday was bad. Does anyone have the problem that they want to eat sweet thing at the moment? I see stopping smoking has a lot more to it than at first glance. I’m going to have to change the way I plan my day i.e. eating properly and at the proper time. I have not taken nicotine substitutes as my doctor warned me to not replace the cigarettes with a patch or gum. I have started to take apples and other fruits to work with me. Carrots are good, I don’t know why but they seem to relieve the cravings. It’s the stress that’s killing me at the moment. Not being able to nip off for a fag and think about how to solve the problem. If any one has any good tips on getting over the first few weeks please let me know.

To all out there who have just given up I choose life over death any day.

All the best.


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Hello Ian x

The hunger thing is big!

Sweets especially :rolleyes: If your like me breakfast used to be 2-3 cigs! I now make sure i have a bowl of muesli! which helps curb snacking.

I use pumpkin seeds with the shell on to keep me busy (peeling them!) and healthy.

You already choose fruit n veg this is all good :D There is theory that has been posted here somewhere if search for it, that bananas are very good to help ease cravings!

Sipping water regularly is not only incredibly good for a great many health reasons including energy levels and skin, it also helps curb cravings!

You will most likely over indulge and gain weight initially but try not to worry as it all settles back down again.

With the quit comes a whole new you! your lifestyle and routine will change all for the better.

Write down things that you plan to reward yourself with as you reach milestones and things that you can do instead of smoking ie reading, walking, deep breathing, playing with the kids at the park etc etc

You must be very proud of yourself x x you are now a great role model too! well done x x


Hi Ian

Good to see you - my top tip is melons - galia, honeydew, water....I ate loads of the darn things for three weeks - cut into handy mouthsize pieces in a little tupperware box!!!!! I must admit in the last couple of weeks (now at seven weeks) I have found that I don't need to fill my face any just gets better somehow!!!

Best wishes



Well done mate keep up the good work:)


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