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No Smoking Day
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Over half way through day 1 and doing good

Usually over the lunchtime period is the hardest for me. So I chewed the gum in the lead up, and one more about an hour later...

I have been very productive and am really really happy, I feel like it is easy - but worried that it may get harder before it gets really easy - is that the case?

Also, for those gum friends, it says to chew 8 -12 a day, ive had 3 so far and its 2pm, should I cram them in? Or just use when Im craving?



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Hang in there Marie, you are doing great.

I don't think it really matters much if you chew them when you are not craving, in fact I think there is more chance of transferring the addiction to the gum if you use the gum to relieve the cravings.

Anyway stay strong and before you know it you'll be racking up the weeks and months.

All the best



hey goodie, congrats on making it to the afternoon, you're well on your way to completing day 1 :) I don't think there's a lower limit on how many bits of gum you need, chew gum when you feel the need to, if you were to cram in 8 you'd end up throwing up anyway, was the only time I projectile vomited was when I chewed too much gum on a previous quit :rolleyes:


Day one nearly over

Well you're nearly through day one, how'd it go? Very well I'm hoping and facing day 2 with gusto...

Hoping that tomorrow goes well for you, keep me posted, day 2 is my achilles heel all tears and pining (what can I say, I'm a very dramatic human being :eek:).

Fingers crossed for you and thanks again for being my first supporter, it really helped.



go cold turkey, best way lol


Do what is right for you. Keep strong, keep quit.

A 67 day old quiter & still having lozenges so there!!!!!

Love G. xx


well done katie on youre quit, just use the gum when need too.. i think the ammount is just the most u can use, well done you, you should be so proud xx:)


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