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No Smoking Day
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Help! Im stuggling

I am on day7 and have found the past 2 days a real struggle. I could really do with some advice to keep me going. I really don't want to start smoking again but am finding it hard to keep motivated.

I suppose it is the thought of how nice the first drag of a fag can be but I know that after that 1st one it will make me feel rough again which is the reason for giving up smoking in the first place.

would really apreciate some help and advice if anyone has some.


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To gemma2

Hello gemma I think the first week is the worse time - I can totally relate to feeling of wanting a drag - but u must think how much u done n how dissapointed u wud be because its easier to buy some fags then to not - so that should make you feel proud of yourself - Do u use nrt(nicoteen replacement therapy)? im not saying to use it if you finding it okay without but it does help a lot - Also have you joined the nhs programme coz for me personally i found to have my reading of carbon monoxide(co) drop was encouraging to actually see something for all my hard work

Sugarfree lolly pops can help just somethin to do - smoking a straw somethin to do again

But most of all think back to all the reasons you wanted to do this 7 days a go & keep reminding yourself everyday GOOD LUCK and keep us posted with how you get on

kitkat(GUMGIRL) smoke free for 12weeks 1day n 9half hours approx...

using the nicorette gum -( still have bad days) not had a cig yet thoughxxwatch this space


Hi Gemma

I am on day 6 now and I know what you mean about finding it hard now!

Please don't give in though, we will get through this period and it will get better hopefully soon.

You have achieved a lot so far and should be really proud of yourself, I know I am, I never thought I could get this far.

Stay strong and don't give in.

Best wishes



Thanks for you advice and support, I am using patches which are dealing with the cravings, I think its just finding somthing to replace the habit with (appart from eating).

i think I am going to find somthing I can treat myself to, to keep me going, with the money I have saved.

For not smoking for 8 days now, I have not had 120 cigs (wow)

and saved £30 (wow)

I might have to go on a shopping spree.

Good luck to you to if you need any help we will be here. Its been a great help having other non smokers to talk to.



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