I'm not a heavy smoker, i've been smoking about 10 a day for the past year, maybe 20+ at weekends. I tried to give up before after i got bronchitus, i lasted about 2 weeks but then i relapsed. I'm giving it another go from now on but what i would really like to see is the end to the horible cough?

Does anyone have any ideas how long it will take for the cough to leave me after i stop smoking?

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  • Heya chooch

    X Welcome X

    The cough is a very productive one after quitting, churning out the layer that's built up with the cigs'.

    How long it lasts is very different from one person to the next. I would imagine this is depending on the amount of stuff in there and how productive the cough actually is.

    It's worth it though huh?

    Well Done on quitting x x x x

  • Yeah i'm on day 4 almost now and i'm feeling better already. The cough is much less painful than it was and more productive. i just want to get rid of it soon rather than later. Also, has anybody ever tried snuff. I know it's bad as its tobbaco but someone got me a tin before and whenever i'm getting in a really difficult patch i have a small ammoun, say 2-3 sniffs a day. Has anyone else found that this works for them?

  • Ooooh havn't heard of someone taking snuff since i was a little girl! didn't know people still did!

    I wouldn't use it as a method for quitting as I think it will be another hurdle to quit Snuff, can't be at all good for your nasal passage or cough!!

    Glad the cough is easing up for you

    x x Keep it up! x x

    and consider dumping the Snuff?

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