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Because I'm 24 and can hardly breathe!

Hi - I'm new here. I'm on day 3 and struggling quite a lot so decided to look on the internet to remind myself why I'm quitting in the first place. Found this website and I'm so glad - it's good to read other people's experiences cos today it felt like everyone around me on the way to work was smoking and I was the only one going through hell :(

I decided to quit for all the usual reasons - i.e. it stinks, costs too much, makes me feel like a social leper. But mostly it's because I can't remember the last time I slept through the whole night without waking up and needing my asthma inhaler. I've been on 20-a-day for over a year, since I last managed to quit for a few months.

I know being a smoker when you have asthma is pretty stupid, but I started when I was 13 and it really wasn't an issue then - I rarely needed my inhaler. I know I'm still young but I don't want to end up in my 30s, 40s, 50s or whatever, struggling for breath after climbing a flight of stairs.

I really hope I can do it this time!


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hi you are doing the right thing i gave up on the 26th feb and feel great ,don't get me wrong it hasnt been easy but so worth it.I found day 3 one of the hardest i gave up cold turkey and like ive said in other posts i am 16 weeks pregnant so an even bigger reason to keep off them .my husband got took into hospital on bank holiday monday with pneumonia and was in all week it would have been so easy to go and buy myself some ,dont get me wrong the thought went through my head but smoking wouldnt have made the situation any better !!good luck and keep posting this site is a great help .:)


Thanks Tatty - and congratulations on the baby. I think I'll definitely be a regular poster on here it's really helped me today!



Hi claire

Welcome to this forum! x

Smoking is pretty stupid asthma or no asthma, addiction is addiction no matter what hurdles we need to jump to aquire our fix.

Don't beat yourself over that bit, just hold up your chin and walk tall because you are a non smoker :D albeit hard at times, your the winner!

Onwards and Upwards x X x X x

Oh tatty x x x x

So sorry to hear that x x my heart goes to you as I know how hard a struggle it was for my better half to be the one all on board! and he wasn't pregnant!!

And to him too as I know it's a nasty horrible thing to get sick with, I still have my bad days, been 7 weeks now.

Poo tatty! it's not a good time, well there is no good time! for you to have to cope with this! Glad you recognised smoking would be about as usefull as making tea in a chocolate tea pot :D is he a smoker? maybe this will help him quit like me :p


I developed asthma from smoking...

Not sure if you did too or whether you have always had the condition.

My breathing really scares me. Especially if I was lying down I would be wheezing really bad. Hopefully that will all go away now i've quit. I'm five days in and already I my breathing is 300% better. I'm hardly coughing anymore and I'm managing to run nearly two miles on the treadmill at the gym so it just shows what quitting the fags and can do for you!


Thanks Buffy and LondonGal...

Well I've made it to day 5. My breathing's pretty much the same but I've got a pretty bad cough. I expected this though - my lungs have decided to have a clear out (ick!)

LondonGal - I've had asthma since I was a kid but it was really mild and I only ever started wheezing if I got a breath full of dust or something, or had been running about a lot. Now I can just be sitting around at home and my chest feels tight and wheezy so I need my inhaler. I realised how stupid it was getting when I was using my inhaler before I had a cigarette to open up my airways! Ridiculous or what!? I know what you mean about it being scary - you realise that if you carry on smoking it can only get worse!

Well done everyone - you're doing brilliantly! :D


:p someone say CHOCOLATE???????????????????


Hehe :p I'll bring grapes and chocolate with the wine tonight then lol


oh my gosh...there goes my big butt......(sigh)


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