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Gone 6 weeks doing great guns, a former heavy smoker but not had any for all this time apart from one wee blip then one bad morning at work and had a cig!!!!!! Why did I not have a piece of gum. The worrying thing is I enjoyed it- and had just had some gum and was wearing a patch! Noe gone 2 full days with no cigs and back on track but the demon is still there and will not go away. One cig has now given me cravings after all this time and feeling very despondant. Come on guys gimme some support- if I slip up again I am scared I might just give in and go back to them even though I feel brill physically and mentallyt and have saved over £160. What a powerful drug this is!


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stick with it Viking! Doing great!

Hi Ron,

Don't let a lapse turn into a relapse, Youd find that you would have to start all over. Don't hold it against yourself, just remeber you can do it. You have done it !! just keep going It will get easier.

Good job for only having 1, stay with it. all that hard work to get to 6 weeks!



It's always there, I myself have given up several times, people give up for years! and go back.

2-3 months is dangerous because the struggle is less and it's like 'huh I've done it!' then a kind of arrogance kicks in, then 'wallop' in your face it's there when you least expected!

Slip ups happen throughout life, we learn by our mistakes.

The most important thing is you got up brushed off your hands and strived on.

Well done x x Keep it up!!

The worrying thing is I enjoyed it

Of course you did it felt like 'no strings'! you start again and soon you'll remember how crap giving up was, how you'll have to go through it all over again, why the hell you allowed yourself to be in a situation where you do have to give up AGAIN! etc

think you feel bad now? you'll feel one hell of a lot worse if you have to face giving up again!

Maybe it's time to go splurge that £160 on yourself, the giving up novelty has warn off and you need to be spoilt and praised again!



Cheers everyone for your brill support and motivation- am at work right now so cannot be on long, but will get back tonight! Am ok today- lets just hope that one cig was a wee blip!!!

Good luck Ron :)

You can do this... don't let the ciggys beat you emoticonland.net/images/Amo...



Soz maxed the 4 smilie limit >< hehe

At last have a bit of space- work over for the weekend, but know Monday will be bad, so stressing already. Having a few beers to chill and chewing some gum. No cigs now since my one on Weds morning and getting over the shit feeling of letting myself down. Am real grateful for your support out there- it just shows there are some real people about! It will be 7 weeks on Saturday since I quit a 30 a day habit. The demon is still lurking and will not go away- like some sort of grim reaper wanting to have me back- but am trying to be strong.

Have amazed myself so far - but it aint easy- when does it get better?

Good luck all and cheers for being there.


When you was a 30 a day smoker, can you remember that feeling when you had no cigarettes and couldn't get to a shop for ages?

or when you would wake up to no cigarettes?

when will it get better?

it is a lot better!! you've just forgotten because your a non smoker now. Don't think you want to remember that feeling either do you.

Remember the better times during your quit

Yo boudee- I was down there, but now am up- feel good so bloody good- nearly a month now, and nic is fading away- good riddance and dont come back- think have defeated him, or maybe just won a battle- gimme another month.

Hes like bloody Darth Vader and the dark stinking side-

Gonna do it though, I can sense it this time

Take care


Keep up your hard battle, it is getting easier x

Good luck Ron :)

You can do this... don't let the ciggys beat you emoticonland.net/images/Amo...

Seconded, keep up the good work Ron!

How's things Ron?

I suppose I have moved on bigstyle from the early days- thanks for reminding me. My glass is always half empty- I always look on the dark side and am a natural pessimist. I know now that I have moved on and made massive streps forward. Today have done a 20 mile bike ride and then 2 hrs at the gym- had only 3 patches and feeling great. 7 weeks ago, I stank, had yellow teeth and a brown tongue- chain smoked and was always skint. I have over £160 to spend on me and look fit, feel fit and am fit. When the craving comes its like a visitation from a former existance, a reminder of the grip the weed had.

When its bad its bad, even with NRT- but got to learn to think its my body getting better. Just wonder what would do in a major crisis. Have got through a bereavement since quiiting fags, got through stressful work days, and got through a very depressive phase. But feel that am still not strong enough to be able to cope whatever- even though realistically a smoke is only 3 mins long and changes nothing. Its still lurking but fading away-------------------!

Thanks a million to everyone- salt of the earth u guys.

I agree

Yes... maybe a trip to your GP would be beneficial Ron.

Keep up the good work img217.exs.cx/img217/5036/p...

Ur all right- I do suffer from it and ad some time off work- even the good times can never be good- its job and realtionship realted but thats a long story.

The main thing is am off fags- for good?

Hi :D

Hi Ron,

Im glad to hear that you are so much stronger and off the fags for good! You have fought a tough uphill battle and have come out on top so far. You should be really proud of yourself.




Dont wanna go back on pills again- got addicted to them for ages and they did not seem to make any difference. Just trying to get through this on oxygen, patches and gum. I know I am a depressive personality, but thats me. I can live with it. Going to the docs for tabs would not do any good.

The root of the prob is the job which is so bloody hard, and also a nagging realtionship worry- nothing sinister. Its been hard this week and chewing loadsa gum but keeping off the fags and thats the main thing.

Cheers for being there and sorry for seeminglt throwing kindness back in ur face but after 57 yrs on the planet I reckon I know myself. 40 yrs a smoker has altered things a bit and guess it takes ages for the brain and the body to adjust. It just is a bit harder than I anticipated and being awake at 2.30 in the morning does not help. At that time the world does seem balck, but somehow I get through. Just!


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