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No Smoking Day
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New and extremely scared!!!

Hello everyone

I have tried several times 2 quit the last time being the 26 jan this year when I

managed a pathetic 8 days!! I seem to cope with the first 3 or 4 days then get

a rotten cold/bunged up nose and terrible insomnia. I JUST CANT SLEEP AT ALL

I also become very weepy and emotional. I have smoked for 23yrs (disgusting I know). Anyway I am trying (again) on 22nd March. I picked this date cos a) I

am at work where I can't smoke (I'm a librarian) and b) hubby is out of the country on business(so I won't inflict my pathetic whinging on him for a few days at least!). My worst time is when I am home (I only work part time) and both hubby and daughter are at work and school. Any tips how I can get through the day w/out going outside 4 a fag (I don't smoke in the house)

Any help appreciated VERY VERY VERY appreciated!

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good luck

Hi just wanted to say good luck and take it one step at a time try to be in the right frame of mind be confident about quitting, i know its easier said than done but i never thought i would make it this far (day 22) i have big motivation in helping me quit im pregnant and i have a 6 year old, so good luck there are alot of people on this site who give wonderful support x:)


This forum has helped me so much. I am on Day 7, so quite new. Everybody is very supportive and help you through the bad and congratulate you on the good.

When I am at home and want a ciggie, I brush my teeth so my mouth feels nice, have a glass of orange juice as it makes you feel sick if you smoke, well, it does me. I try and boost myself by thinking how well I have done by not smoking and how horrid it would be to start again. There is a tips forum, it maybe worth you taking a look.

All the best for 22nd. You have made a really good decsion. You can do it:)




The best thing is to find somthing positive to do, that can keep your mind and hands busy. When a craving comes on, keep it mind it will go away(usually in 5 minutes). I had a problem with sleeping too! No caffine or soda and I used a sleeping aid for a bit. It gets better and easier :)

Hope this helps!!!!!!!

You can do it!!!!!!



hi boudee

hi boudee im doing really well had scan yesterday everything going well :) and im in my 12th week have a big scan on the 14th may when im going to find out the sex of the baby would love a girl as i have a son but as long as he/she is ok thats all that matters, feel really confident and not bothered about smoking even when im with my friend who smokes !!!!!(never thought i would hear myself say that !!!!)hope everyone is doing ok xx:)


I must have tried to seriously give up about a ten times, but if you realy go for it, do plenty of reading up about the nature of nicotine addiction, and whats in store over the next few days and weeks. You will be ready for it

and after first few days (that are hard!), you will know almost to the day what to expect and when. its all just silly mind games we play with our self. and if we learn how that little beast nicotine works, and what a small amount of time them urges last You WILL do it.

YOU go 4 it.

I have now been a none smoker for: 0Y 2W 1D 23H 55M 52S. I have not smoked: 479 Cigarettes. That amounts to a saving of £ 127.98. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 1D 14H 24M. Since I Quit on the 05 March 2007. The number of people worldwide that has died from smoking related deaths is: 219138. Download Bubblestats free from bubblenose.co.uk


Hay Kazza - welcome to this wonderful warm forum... I'm on day 2, it's been hard today - but this lot has helped me through it!

Are you going to use any NRT?

Plan, and stay focused, get a money jar and make sure you have a treat in store and carry mints around with you.

Most of all - good luck... we'll be with you every step of the way!

Seren xXx


Hey Kazza

Welcome and you can do it!! I am on day 8 and like you i would smoke outside and i thought wot am i going to do so i started drinking lots of water and it helps i also started buying magazines like chat or pick me up and i would sit down with my water and have aread and do the crosswords in them that really helps me especially at night when my kids are in bed.

Good Luck to you

Jules xx


Good Luck Kazza, great decision! Will be watching out for you! prepare well and make it easier on yourself x x


Wow thanks for all the encouragement guys. Seren - I intend to use patches(have a drs appt in the morning). Have bought a HUGE bag of apples and 2 big bags of mint imperials. Hubby went off to Mexico on business this morning

and at the w/end he flies over to San Francisco so I hope to have got the worst withdrawls over with by the time he gets back (next Fri). Fingers crossed!!!!


Hang in there Kazza!!

Hello Kazza

You have made the best decision for your body and for the rest of your life.

It will be hard but take each day as it comes because each day will be different. Try hard to focus on the good things about NOT smoking because there isn't anything good about smoking. When you get the urge, do something, anything! I have been out walking with my dog which I did anyway but I now have a longer walk. Go to the shops, do some housework, put on a cd and dance, have a huge bottle of water handy and take a gulp, this really worked for me (I am on my 9th week).

We all have different ways of coping and you will find your own way sooner or later - the main thing is that you have made the decision. Log onto this site everyday because this is brilliant and keeps you occupied!!

Go girl:p


Go girl

Hi Kazza

I have just posted a reply but it has not come up so I am doing another one! You have made the best decision for your body and your life you will EVER make - always remember this and keep focusing on this when you get the urges/cravings.

These are the things that have really helped me (I am on 9th week and went cold turkey) - always having a HUGE bottle of water handy and taking long gulps. Taking my dog for longer walks than usual, being out in the fresh air even if it is freezing makes you feel so good. Having something like jelly beans to munch on. Logging onto this forum and keeping up your morale with all the other guys.

You can and will do it Kazza, keep it up;)


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