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This Is My First Post, I Found This Site Trying To Find Out Some More About Champix And I Think Its Fab.. ;) I Am Going To Start Using Champix Tommorow. But I Admit Im A Bit Scared. I Have Tried To Quit Before Using Good Old Fashioned Cold Turkey, Nrt, Various Types, But I Failed Miserably!!!!! I So Want To Do This, So Finding A Site Like This I Hope Is Going To Help. Will Be Great To Be Able To Talk To People Who Are Going Through The Same Experiences And Worries...

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Hi Pattie and welcome to the site, well done on deciding to quit as that's the most difficult step! There are a lot of people here using the Champix who will share their experiences with you ;)

But do not be scared! Try and see your quit as the beginning of an exciting and interesting adventure instead - that's what it is, you just let yourself enjoy all the benefits of being free from this nasty addiction. Be strong and determined, and we're here to help :)


Hi Pattie

Welcome and well done on deciding to quit.

Hope to see many more posts from you,

Good luck

Barb x


You have come to the right place! Welcome and happy to have you join us!! Post here when in need and we will try our hardest to help you out! You have made a super decision to become a non-smoker! :D You can do it this time! Keep yourself busy and do a lot of self talking! You deserve this quit!


Hi Pattie and welcome back Barb,

This is a great forum and I have tried to quit loads of times before like you with patches and hypnotism and just about anything going but had failed, I am on day 69 of champix and have never given up for this long, it doesn't really feel like it is doing anything to me but it must be for me to not have had a ciggie, it is quite weird. It is wonderful but you still need alot of willpower so don't expect it to do it all for you! I think you will find it easier than it was on your previous attempts. This forum has been a godsend, especially in the early days, so use it and keep posting, everyone here will be here to encourage and support you.

Good luck to you both,

love Befly, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello pattie

Like yourself I've tried every thing to quit b4 nrt,hypnotherapy,patchesblah blah and each ti me only managed a few days - sometimes not even two days!!! I was finally given champix by my gp. Must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but I really was fed up of smoking (and stinking,having less money etc) but I have been so shocked at its effect. Like befly says I don't feel any differerent taking it either but it must be doing SOMETHING cos I don't even WANT a cig. You still have to put in some work yourself but the champix sure makes things easier.

You've made a great hoice Pattie. Welcome to the forum!!!!


Thank You All For Your Welcomes. I Have Now Taken My First Tablet, But I Must Admit I Am Sitting Here Waiting For Something Bad To Happen To Me... Can Anyone Else Tell Me If They Were Worried About The Side Effects When They First Started Taking It? My Mind And Body Dont Feel Like They Belong To Me Right Now But I Dont Think Is The Tablet But Me Being In A Panic!!!!!


Hi again Pattie

I was waiting for a bad thing to happen first time i took champix. I'd previously read that nearly everyone had suffered terrible nausea. So I made sure I ate a huge bowl of cereal and then took the tablet with a mega glass of water and I

waited and waited and waited and waited some more!3 hrs later I realised that nothing badwas gonna happen at all and this is probably true for you Pattie. Champix is great imo. DON'T WORRY SWEETS!!!!:)


Hello Pattie x x x x

Walking into a dark room with eerie sounds and dripping icy water, rats running around your feet. thats scary!!!

Taking a bold decision to better your quality of life (and smell :p ) and taking on board all the support and helpful meds such as champix, you can to gain your goal, now thats Wise and Positive, Changes yes but changes to embraced not to be scared of ;)

Grab it with both hands, be strong and keep posting

~Buffy x x


Ooooh Pattie, just realised your in Crawley :) my bestest mate is in Horley. Lovely part of the world, once you get used to the flight path :D

Hope the sun is shinning there as it is here x x x x

Stay strong ;)

~Buffy x x


I made the mistake of reading all the side effects and convincing myself i would have all of them, probably all at once. Unsuprisingly i havnt lol!! I have had the odd bit of feeling a bit sick but thats easily cured by eating when i take the tabs. I have also had the dreams but these should be listed as a good effect as im finding them quite fun. Other than that i have had nothing so far i dont feel tired in fact due to quitting the fags i think i have more energy. Even though i have to fight not to smoke every day so far i wouldnt change quitting and using champix. This forum is fantastic too . Good luck




wow what a great thing for you to be doing!! and you've come to the right place for help and support!!


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