Extreme tiredness

I am 36 days into my quit and have cut my Champix down to half in morning and half in evening, but I am still needing a sleep for about 2 hours at about 4.00pm, and also feel exhausted and puffed out, I was hoping this would have passed by now, has anyone else had this tiredness or is a trip to Dr necessary (never liked to go to Dr unless absolutely necessary).

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  • Hi Jane

    Is the champix known for making peeps tired?

    I'm not on it and I have been wiped out a lot of the time through my quit.

    I could have crawled under my desk today at about 12 and slept the whole afternoon..

    Many complain of tiredness when they quit.

    Could be I'm just getting old of course and it's just catching up on me :)

  • I'm not on Champix either, and am absolutely knackered - have been ever since I quit :(

  • Sponsored sleep anyone? :)

  • Sponsored sleep anyone? :)

    Suits me - am tired, really grumpy and feeling rubbish so would love to.

  • Same here not on champix.

    Am ok during day but evening comes and by six or seven i could quite easily jump in to bed think its normal when quitting but sounds like the champix makes it worse Xxxx

  • I am definitely up for a sponsored sleep! I am cold turkey but like everyone else most tired I have ever been in my life. Getting up is hell I could sleep for hours! I don't know about Champix but sounds like its a mixture of that and giving up perhaps cut down again I reckon you could be ready for cold turkey like a lot of us, you can do it if we can :)

  • Naaah, that’s not it at all marra, I’m still on the nicotine (all be it in smaller doses)

    In my case I think it’s more to do with staying up too late, drinking too much (from what I hear, another “symptom” of quitting for many :D) and over exercising.

    More worrying though mate, I think you may have the OAP police “on yo a$$” for the last bit! Haha :p

  • In my case I think it’s more to do with staying up too late, drinking too much (from what I hear, another “symptom” of quitting for many :D)

    *Looks guilty*

    Have been doing both of them, and am still on nicotine too - just not smoking it.

    Think Max has got a point though, I did "rely" on fags to keep me awake and alert and have been really dopey since I quit.

    Am not starting again so I act a bit less thick though :eek:

  • Well, it sounds like a normal response to quitting, phew, will mean no visit to Drs, will just ride it out. Maybe 12.30am on a work night is a little late, but that's the time I have always gone to bed.

  • This OAP agrees with Max. Now I am retired I have a "read = snooze" every afternoon for about 2 hours. Then I have about 6 hours at night. I read somewhere this is in tune with our natural circadian rhythms and accounts for that mid afternoon slump. If I don't have that snooze I often cannot get to sleep till about 4 am...

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