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Hi, two weeks gone today had my right kidney removed. Now got an appetite since 2years ago. Remaining kidney working at 15% but still trying to find its own level. On oxynorm. Painkiller, very itchy back etc and sweating like mad. Anyone else the same? How long before you feel ok to start doing bit of walking round village and diet to lose weight?

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  • Hi Robson, my nephrectomy is 7 weeks ago. No pain now and apart from still feeling a bit tired, I am back to normal. Good luck :)

  • I didn't have any of those symptoms either, but my remaining kidney was/is working at approx 49% and I wasn't given any medication; I had a drip in hospital with some kind of painkiller for a couple of days after the operation, but nothing afterwards. I was walking around normally after approx 2 weeks. Maybe you should see your GP if any of these symptoms persist (even if just to put your mind at rest).

  • Hi all,, 3weeks on tues since kidney removed. Still in bit of pain as it knits together. Remaining kidney has gone down to 14% so drinking 3pints of water per day. Get bloods results on Monday. Trying to keep positive.

  • You do sound so much more positive now - well done, and carry on with the 3 pints per day (and don't forget to cut out as much salt as possible). Hope blood results good. Keep us posted. Regards

  • Bloods creatinine level. Has now come down to 317.

  • Hi all, saw my kidney specialist yesterday since operation. Creatinine level up to 343 and my blood pressure 144/103.Not good. Now on new BP tablet Doxazocin 2mg every day. She is already getting vascular surgeons to see me and look at fitting fistula within next 2-3 months, Epo iron injections and get my BMI down from 41.3 to 38 ready for transplant work up. Had hoped for bit of leeway before this but not so so onwards and upwards on next bit of journey. Getting my head round it slowly. Drove for first time today since op and also had first soak in bath.Hurray!!!

  • Keep positive and try to walk if you can if it's only short distances, this will help with your BMI. I have had a kidney removed 9 days ago and I'm walking short distances because that's all I can do, plus jobs around the house, ironing and DIY! I had to wait 6 months for a decent bath, but it's great and worth it, isn't it? I'm hoping to start driving again in a few days. I wish you every luck in the world and for the future. Look after yourself.

  • hi there. I'm 10 days post op. I had my right kidney out. I still have a bit of swelling and a little bit of pain but I am able to get around the house ok and short distances with the aid of my walking stick, which I use anyway. As far as I know my left kidney is working well, I have a good appetite and try to keep myself busy. I think that is my secret to taking my mind off my illnesses, but that doesn't work for everyone. I do have a slightly itchy body mainly the lower torso so I wonder if there is a connection in us having had a kidney removed? Seems very strange. I wasn't told what to expect after the op, I don't know about you. like what to eat, or not to eat, exercise, alcohol (not that I drink), medication. I have a few questions for my consultant in a few weeks at the post op review. Feel free if you want to ask me anything but you probably know more than I do. Good luck to you in your recovery.

  • Hi my itchiness after my right nephrectomy 10 weeks ago was the oxynorm morphine Based pain relief so docs gsve me a piriton three times a day to relieve the itch. Me doing well but few aches where kidney was when do too much.

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