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Intresting read for those over 50 and diagnosed with stage 3 CKD


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Hi Hul1, I also read this article in the American news paper and couldn't find any research papers to support this. Also directly below it was an advertisement. Therefore whilst it did make an interesting read I think it has to be put in the right perspective. The article helps to sell newspapers. I think personally I would trust what the highly qualified professionals say about each individuals medical health.

Also I am not sure that this is the right setting to be discussing this, but thank you for raising this. However if you wish to chat with your Doctor about the issues it raises that must be your decision to make. Please keep an open mind on this article. Best wishes to you.

MAS Nurse and Moderator.

Jonquiljo in reply to MAS_Nurse

The links are “text links” but they are there. Unfortunately you have to pay for the academic journal articles - so it must help pay for the journals. Thats no different in the NY Times putting free content online. Bottom line: everyone wants to make money, but that doesn’t make it not so.

The real point is lost a bit in the article. To get paid (reimbursed by insurance) for looking at patients with suspected CKD - a Dr has to “code” or “declare” the patient as having CKD. It’s very much a paradox. In fact to get paid for any investigation or consulation about many diseases requires physicians to diagnose people with these disease. Pretty silly, huh?

I personally think this is why these guidelines stay so strict in the US. No Dr wants to check you out and not get paid because he/she concludes you have no CKD. So almost EVERYONE gets diagnosed with CKD. Its a fault in our fee-for-service payment system. So the USA supports this system (in part) for its Drs to get paid.

Hul1 in reply to Jonquiljo

Like most things in life - it all boils down to money ... very sad ...

it’s a different here in the UK ... I’m sure you already know but everyone is entitled to the best health care available- rich or poor

Doctors here get paid regardless of the diagnosis... jonquiljo- I hear what you are saying 👍🏻

Yes .. I see what you are saying .... but in truth .. Is it not true that as we age - we can expect all our body not to function as well as it did when we were younger ... I do find it interesting that you are classed as Stage 3 if you have a efgr below 60 ... at the age of 21 - or 71 ... it makes sense to me to be worried if you are 21 .... but 71 ? .. just thinking out loud ....

I’ve been seeing a urologist for 10 years. Had kidney stones and one kidney at 50% when I was 20 (now 56). Hadn’t had any problems but after watching my father-in-law on dialysis thought it would be good to check with urologist to see what is going on. Didn’t have any issues until 5 years ago when my good kidney started loosing a little function and that is what he told me, not that I was in stage 1 or 2 kidney disease and then the next checkup I had googled his numbers on my sheet cause I wanted to see what they meant and I was in stage 2. I didn’t even know I was in stage 1, the only thing he would say is watch sodium which I did religiously. If I would have been told I was in stages instead of just a down a little bit, I probably would have changed more in my diet earlier than once I hit 3 and 4 pretty quickly.

Hul1 in reply to Mandelin

Spot on ... it is very strange that we are only told we have CKD when it reaches stage 3 . I was told by my doctor recently- my readings 10 years ago was 61 ... so at 49 years of age I had stage 2 CKD ... so if he would have mentioned it then ... I would of took better care of my diet like you said.

Thank you that explains a lot.

Someone told me that Stages 1 and 2 are more difficult to detect than later Stages of CKD.


Hul1 in reply to Gillian2Mc

Hi Gillian - not sure why they would be more difficult to detect - my efgr 10 years ago was 61 - so Stage 2 - just 2 points away from stage 3 - if my Gp would have said to me “ hey you have stage 2 CKD- I probably wouldn’t be on stage 3 now .

Gillian2Mc in reply to Hul1

I'm not sure either.


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