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Kidney community missing


I do not seem to be receiving kidney messages. Is this a problem or are people just not posting as much?

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I am not getting many either. I think people are not posting because I did get your post.

Yes it does seem to be quieter than normal.

Hi lowraind,

Hope that you are well and staying safe.

I think that between the pandemic and preparing for a different observance of the traditional holidays that members have posted less as the focus is on other things.

We all are happy to hear from you.

Take good care and continue to log in and watch the news feeds.


lowraind in reply to Bet117

I am glad to hear from Bassetmommer, rabbit01 and Bet117. The pandemic and holidays do not seem to have affected a change in the Lupus postings. That is why I wondered where the Kidney community was.

Bet117 in reply to lowraind

Glad you reached out. Also they have just added a new community " About coping in these times" Can't remember the exact title but if you go to the home page you should see it.

Feel free to reach out to any of us at anytime; we will always reach back.

Be safe!

Thinking of you!


lowraind in reply to Bet117

I saw the new community and followed it for a while, but found it a bit too maudlin for me. I also get posts from the lupus community, but the kidney community helped me so much when I was first diagnosed, and I value this community most.

Bet117 in reply to lowraind

You know, I found the same thing, but I thought that I would put it out to you.

We are a forum but also a group of friends. Reach out!

Stay safe in these uncertain thoughts are with you.


Yes, I know what you mean. We are all home, you would expect a lot more posts, not fewer.

Take care and stay safe!

lowraind in reply to WYOAnne

You, too. Thanks!

I noticed same thing and thought something wrong with web site, but it is different times this Holy Days season. Glad to see people messaging now.

I know exactly what you mean - have you tried joining the Kidney Care UK community or NKF community on FB? I’ve found them so helpful and all the questions relate to renal issues, wherever you are on that journey.

No, I have not joined either, but will give them a try.

Hi lowraind! Yeah, I was somewhat wondering the same thing. I do still get notices, but not many anymore, it seems. Not sure. I know just the other day Bassetmommer was also asking everyone how they’ve been lately, so maybe we’re not the only ones who are noticing this. It’s very possible that many on this forum are just so concerned about this crisis the world is facing, that they’re too busy wiping everything in their houses down with disinfectant wipes, and they just don’t have as much time to post anymore! Lol!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping themselves as healthy as possible. All my best to everyone here! God bless. 🙏😊👍

You should try the Kidney Care FB group - I found this and the NKF FB group invaluable.

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