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Kidney Dialysis
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My gift of new life

My gift of new life

I had a kidney transplant for 23 years, I was so lucky but two years ago I got an ammonia and it affected my transplant. I'm hoping to get on the list officially for a new kidney and st vincents. I have a very important appointment with the new transplant doctor at st vincents in the Los Angeles September 5. I hope he puts me on the list I really been trying to lose weight. I have two children a son and daughter and a grandson. My daughter is expecting another little boy due January 11 so excited. I need to get a kidney so I can keep up with the kids. Sometimes if I drink too much water I get that shortness of breath which is really scary. The water goes to my lungs or to my legs . I'm his only to the national kidney foundation the American Association of kidney patients and the polycystic kidney organization. I've gone to several transplant games and even won first place in softball at Cuesta college. At UCLA I was in the swimming and softball, and 2002 to my husband Walter and I flew to Florida and I was in the transplant games they're both in the swimming and softball. I wrote a book about my transplant and it's available on Amazon.com I haven't really sold many books but I didn't write it to make money I wrote it to tell people what it's like to be on dialysis, and get a new kidney which makes your life for you. It doesn't cure the fact I had polycystic kidneys but being on dialysis is very time-consuming and no fun. I can't really work much anymore and I was a teacher for 26 years so I miss the kids. I'm blessed to be able to keep going and spend time with my family and my mom, my kids and my grandson Alex. You can write me at Dracula 318@aol.com.

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Hi Arleendodson I wish you luck on Sept 5. I've had 2 kidney transplants so far and now I'm back on dialysis because the anti-rejection drug prograf damaged about half of my second transplant. I've had CKD all my life. Had my 1st transplant at age 14 and lasted about 20 yr. Had my 2nd back in 2001 and lasted 14yrs. I couldn't have kids and my husband divorced me when my first kidney went bad. I had one hospital refuse to put me on the transplant list and now I am working with a second hospital. They haven't said yes or no yet because they want an echocardiogram & stress test done first before making a decision and those tests will be done on Sept 7. You sound like a very active person which I know can be hard because having kidney disease can make people really tired plus with dialysis you feel really drained.

I am wishing you the best of luck on Sept. 5. I think it will all go well. Take care.


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