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creatinine levels

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I just got my bloodwork back...The following were mid to lower levels and normal.. Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Protein and creatinine was at 1.64...My glucose at 77 and my GFR was 40.....My question would be how to lower my creatinine...My protein comes from 3 days of 100% grass fed ground beef (5oz) per day...3 days of wild caught salmon (4oz) and one day of 5 hard boiled eggs..The rest of my diet consists of lots of greens, garlic, onion, avocado's, grass fed butter, bean sprouts, macadamia nuts...The oils I use are avocado and MCT oil...I try to keep my protein at about 55 grams a day...I'm guess the red meat is raising my creatinine, but not sure if the salmon and eggs are also a cause...I should add that I actually feel very good everyday...everyday i walk for 2 hours (6-7 miles)..I'm 76 years old and weight 160 at 6'1....would appreciate any suggestions

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Hi and welcome to the community.You might be walking too much every day. Strenuous exercise can increase your creatinine. Has your nephrologist reviewed your meal plan? Red meat is not normally an item found on a kidney-friendly meal plan, and neither are the eggs and salmon. The salmon has a high-fat content as well as a high purine level which will increase your creatinine level and at the same time decrease your GFR.

You might want to run this plan past a renal dietitian along with your nephrologist. You may be able to make significant changes and lower the creatinine and increase the GFR.

Best of luck.

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Hi Oldmangreen,The eggs are interesting. Why 5 on one day? As Mr. Kidney said, see if you can get an appointment with a renal dietician who can specify a meal plan for you. You are on the right track but some modifications may make some improvements. For example, no beef. Switch to ground chicken or turkey. But to be honest what you are doing is really great. Unfortunately as we age so do the kidneys and the function declines. But see a dietician and check for modifications that ay raise your levels.

Regarding the's strictly for the protein....I want to be sure I get just enough each day...I could actually give up the eggs if I could find a source of protein to replace it...I have been researching Pea Protein Powder for help in that area.. According to what I've read it's a great source and actually beneficial for CKD...I'm going to give up the red meat and eggs, but I feel the benefits of the salmon (omega 3) out way any negatives and I will only be eating 3 times a week (4oz) and I will be adding more carbs, but will keep those under 100 grams a day

When I discovered that my creatinine was elevated, I switched to a plant-based diet. I learned that I can get all the protein I need from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, and my GFR has improved with every set of labs. Dr. Neil Barnard has some informative videos on YouTube about this subject. I encourage you to do some research on this.

Thank you for your response...From researching what you say is what most people say and probably right....However for me this would be quiet a challenge coming from someone LCHF (eating around 50 carbs per day) to eating around 500 grams per day the way I also intermittent fast 20/4 and 18/6...and I'm never many carbs would make me hungry all the time, raise my blood sugar and raise insulin resistance...So I will see how this goes by eliminating animal protein and will be a work in progress

Good advice, except that your comment about kidney function declining as we age is not necessarily true. As we learn how to take better care of our kidneys, function can actually improve. Please google this article “Stanford University article kidneys continually grow”.

I don't recall my comment about kidney function declining as we age, sorry if I misled you I was just stating my age, and yes I will read that article...Thanks so much

Sorry, my comment was to Bassettmommer.

Just spotted this and it may not be my place to comment! What milk do you drink?

I had raised creatinine a while back (everything else was okay) so it got the doctors all worried. I realised I was eating too much protein including dairy milks, cheese, butter which contain whey protein, adding in protein powders or skimmed milk powders will increase protein levels and hence creatinine. I changed to alternative milks; hemp is a good one to start with if you're not used to them (don't forget to supplement the iodine, most alternative milks don't add it in). As some have said shifting away from red meat would be a good idea, your amount of fish looks good. Perhaps add in different proteins such as beans, pulses and lentils, if you love meats (like me!) then consider wild game and poultry; it'll still give you the same red meat feel without the over breeding concentrated protein. Sometimes exercise can increase creatinine levels especially if a few hours / the night before a morning blood test; that's what happened with mine once. Your walks are good so don't stop those!

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Thanks for your far as milk I don't touch far as dairy I consume Kerrygold butter...I have one cup of coffee with Tablespoon C8 MCT Oil with a tablespoon of butter and I intend to keep that up for satiety.. I will give up all animal protein and dairy and replace them with vegs and a serving of Rolled Oats and Blueberries and see how that works with my creatinine level

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The best butter!! :)

Perhaps don't give up all animal protein in one go, you'll go crazy if you love it like me! So maybe reduce a little first. You still need to enjoy your food :)

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Thanks for your response and yes I do go a little overboard...maybe twice a week for my wild caught Salmon.. like 4oz

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oooh Salmon, I really need to do more of that but I like cooking it outside (smells the house out when inside!) so waiting for the warmer British weather 🙃

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