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Creatinine Good Parathyroid High

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Well I got my blood test back and now I'm even more confused. I've been experiencing bone and joint pain, shortness of breath, tiredness, and swelling in face, hands and feet. I thought it was due to my stage 3 CKD. Test results show my creatinine has improved to 1.25 with my BUN at 1. This is the best it has ever been.My cholesterol was amazing at 82. It's never been that low. It was 221. The doctor said my parathyroid hormone level was really more than you would expect for this degree of renal insufficiency. Especially since my phosphorus level is now normal too. He ran blood work to look at inflammatory arthritic conditions and found that i don't have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, but my C-reative protein which is an inflammatory marker is elevated and could be elevated in a number of inflammatory conditions. My vitamin D is low as usual.

I'm just confused as to how could I feel so bad and have such good creatinine levels? They've never been this good. Doctor wants me to call and talk to him about having a parathyroid scan and seeing up another appointment to see another nephrologist since mine retired. I'm open to suggestions to why the parathyroid is high with the renal insufficiency being so much better. I still hurt everywhere and get extremely tired all the time.

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We are unable to diagnose your symptoms here in the community. Take the tests the physician ordered and hopefully when s/he has the results you will receive a diagnosis. If you are in the USA and need to find a nephrologist I'd recommend using

Best of luck.

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Thank you for your response. I plan on calling and talking to doctor today.

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There is a connection to elevated PTH and CKD. But I am not well versed in why. Vitamin D deficiency might be something you really want to check out. It is a pretty simple fix with taking Vit d, but you need to check with the doc as it can be toxic in large doses. But a low level of vitamin d level will make you feel tired and achy.

Keep working on why the C-reative protein is elevated. It took two years for me to get diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. PsA mimics rheumatoid but has a different T factor. I had the PsA first, before I had psoriasis, which was why it was hard to diagnose.

Thank you Bassetmommer. I'm calling my doctor today.

I would make sure they check both Vitamin D levels Which includes 1,25 D, the active form, before they supplement you with high Dose D. My doctors did not do this when I had high parathyroid levels and low vitamin D 25 and Supplementation caused my calcium to spike because I had higher levels of the active form of D(1,25).

Turns out I had sarcoidosis but I didn’t know it at the time. They should also check your calcium levels. A higher than normal calcium level could indicate a parathyroid nodule or sarcoidosis. Fantastic that your kidney function is so good though! Wonderful!

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Thank you for advice. I will ask doctor when I see him next Thursday. He didn't seem that concerned with the vitamin D. It's not that low. He seemed more concerned about the high parathyroid level considering my creatinine was better and my phosphorus was normal. He said he would expect my parathyroid hormone level to decline. I'm also shocked at the creatinine reading. Is it possible for your kidney function to get better? I only have one kidney so that would be awesome if it was true.

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The symptoms you describe are very similar to those with high parathyroid hormones. What are your levels? Most Doctors will treat with medications for at least a year prior to referral for possible parathyroidectomy. Ask questions. How? Why? What can we do? How do we proceed? These are good questions to start. Take notes. Blessings

Bless you too. I appreciate your answering. I have an appointment on 3/12/2020 to talk with my doctor about how to proceed and those are questions I intend on asking. In my letter it doesn't state how high the parathyroid hormone level was, but in the past it has been 102 and 106. I looked back at my previous blood test results. In the letter he states he is concerned because he would expect my parathyroid levels to be declining since the creatinine level is much improved. I know my mother had to have a parathyroidectomy a couple of years ago.

Thank you again, I've already started writing down questions.

Go to the Norman Parathyroid website...They explain in detail how the parathyroid glands work and the adverse reactions that can present with Vit D if you have hyperparathyroidism...

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