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Smaller jeans

Have not been as good this week with my food intake, some alcholol, few nibbles and the calories start to add up! Using my fitness pal does help you keep in check what you are eating - even if its over the limits! On a postivie point, I have run 42 miles this month so far so, on target for the 365 mile challenge. No weight loss this week, but sitting here in jeans that I couldnt fit into 3 weeks ago ~~ so something has changed. On holiday next week ~~ hoping that I can be sensible, keep active and not over do it? see you next week?

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Well done!

Bodies are weird, you might not see a weight loss one week but the next it drops when you haven't been quite so good. I know what you mean about clothes, its such a mental boost when you can get into old clothes or smaller sizes.

Good luck for the rest of your journey


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